Traveling has quite a few number of perks that can determine your feeling. First of all, you get to go to new places which means you experience new people, culture, food and so on. This takes you away from the comfort of being surrounded by known people. Secondly, traveling can give you new perspectives in life. You learn to value experiences and actually stop rushing behind something. A car breakdown can be frustrating but what if it happens on your way to a hill? Take a breath and enjoy the moment for a while. Thirdly, you definitely learn to manage your expenses better. And, in doing so, you become more self-sufficient and independent.
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Wow..such a elaborate text...thank you so much💙💙 much love
It helps us get out of the routine. Since we both have 9 to 5 jobs, it can get monotonous. Travelling is the only escape. Secondly, it makes you a better person since you meet new people and learn new cultures.
It feels very very positive in this cruel world, we fell fresh after traveling, even your point of view will be changed to every negative things
It helps you to think out of the box