The most convenient way is to take Air India from Hyderabad to Jabalpur then take train no. 15010 from Jabalpur to Chitrakot. There are no direct flights ,buses,or trains The fastest way to reach Chitrakot from Hyderabad is to take IndiGo from Hyderabad to Lucknow then take Indica from Lucknow to Chitrakot. The cheapest way to reach Chitrakot from Hyderabad is to take train with train number 02793 from Hyderabad to Manikpur then take Chambal Exp from Manikpur to Chitrakot.
Hey Vimal, The best would be to take a bus from Hyderabad as it takes you 10 hrs only to reach Jagdalpur and an hour extra to rachana Chitrakoot falls from there ... Or else you need to take a train or flight to vishakapatnam and from there you need to board a bus for next 3 hrs to reach Chitrakoot ... Bus is the best and easiest mode i feel .... Happy Travelling Bro!!!
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