Hi Sindhu! HKG is one of the safest place for female/solo travellers. Ive known a lot of girls who have felt themselves safe while being on a holiday at HKG. Most of the tourist places have a cctv and the law works perfectly fine. But a personal awareness and a watchful eye is necessary. You can read the below blog for more info. Safe travel to you!
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Anytime :)
Great !!!...Thanks, Sonia
Hi Sindhu, Hong Kong is very safe, in fact a lot of people choose Hong Kong as a destination for their first solo international trip. I have come across a similar post on Tripoto about solo travel experience in Hong Kong. You can go through it and plan your trip.
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Thank you, Rohit.
Hey Sindhu, According to me traveling solo is always good until and unless you know the Dos and Donts of the place you are going ..... So, it slaways better to do your home work before you go on a journey solo.... The links given below can give you an idea of traveling solo as a Female Traveler in Hong Kong :- Happy exploring and Happy Traveling!!!
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Welcome Sindhu ....
Thank you, Anil. will go through the links provided by you.