Will check once planned.
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Drop me a text for details
Pauri is like my other home.Trying to get some land there. i have my makeshift home here and love every bit of it.
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Nope,its my personal space. it takes me 5 yrs to be there. 😂😂😂
Invite us when you make a airbnb😇
Why not!! will get in touch while visiting uttarakhand!!
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Drop me a text for details!
Would love to...but what can be down in lockdown
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Dm me for details!
You should try some camps in jambughoda or ratanmahal.ratanmahal has nice cottage just for 500 if you never been to there.
Will pass on ur details to my contacts
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Https:// Dm for more details
Whn in UK, will contact you. Drop your contact please!
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Please mention address with contact nos
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DM for more details
Twin valley Resorts, Mahabgarh mahadev, yamkeshwar district, pauri garhwal.
Where is the location?
Where in pauri