Hi jitendar, u just need a system and good knowledge about the proceedings and documentations.
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Thnx for u r reply...but where should I start m not getting....
Firstly do proper research what all things required for your shop and necessary things required for visa. once you done or clear your plans than open a shop do some handsome marketing tie up with companies and gave offer.
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Shikha can u suggest me where shuld I get knowledge about it...any kind of website ....ryt now I can open low budget tour office....
Thnx shikha...i will try my best
Partner with someone with industry expertise. Learn the biz.
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First assist some agency...a year or two. you get to know all hooks and crooks of the industry. then try.
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Thnx sir ...but I have tried to do job in company but didn't get a chance