Go for it. Don't worry.We never know the situation would be in future.Live present. We are also planning a roadtrip in june last week.
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Take me with you
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Check with the hotels in Spiti, they'll have their local guidelines.. Plan according to those..
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No as traveller you should have to be responsible to make your self and other safe
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As you know it all depends on the lockdown. The best way to know the information is to call some of the hotels and ask before visiting about the conditions. We all hope that it'll be safe by that time.
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I would suggest not to go for trips atleast till the year end. And you can face problem in traveling,since there is no public transport running. Even hotels are closed.
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Hey preyaan, Government guidelines are changing frequently... so you have to wait till mid July...
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It's safe if you take enough precautions. Covid is becoming new normal
Wait to see how things might turn out
Maybe Spiti Zostel