Yes it is a safe place to travel. cities and tourist places are ok compared to some places. people are helpful
Elections are forthcoming. So just be careful if you are visiting such sensitive areas.
Yes absolutely
Yes, of course Nagaland is safe through the years, there are no ongoing scuffle in Nagaland. But make sure where you are visiting. Keep in mind about these things​ to make your visit a memorable one without any stress and less problematic. Get the Inner line permit, since Nagaland is situated and shares border with Burma, we require an inner line permit to visit such places. The Cab drivers won't pick you up if you say you don't have pass(innerline permit). You can take your ID card with you if you're any government official, or student that will work as a Pass(Aadhar card won't help) but take your adhar card with you. If you're a private sector employee you can still go if you provide your Icard and tell the policemen at the check post. Usually they are jerks, but they'll listen if you speak properly. They'll listen even carefully if they believe you're from media.
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Thanks it was quite helpful.
North east is safest part of the India.
Yes it's safe, it would be better if u have a proper plan and staying per booked. the locals are also very good, and friendly they will be a good help.
Yes, its safe in and around the cities and touristy places. Some places might be risky sometimes. But nothing in particular for a solo traveler
The locals are very friendly and helpful. But you may need assistance with regards to the roads or the treks or mountain passes, so that you don't get lost.
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But I’ve heard its Unsafe in terms of security because of terrorism. It’s a disturbed region. So Is it so ?
I will not say yes.
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