First off all, Welcome to Tripoto 😊 Mainly Tripoto is a travel forum.. You can share your travel experience and you can also share photo blogs. But you can't post videos directly here, you have to upload your video on You Tube, then share links..
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Firstly make travel videos and then share the link..
Hmm.. thank you sir.. actually I have youtube channal with name panku world.. but there is no travel videos..
For posting videos, you can only upload the link of Youtube over here. And about the pics, it should be related to the blog that you are writing and also make sure its recommendable to share the public pics not private one.
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I got it.. thanx..
You can post the following:- 1)Blog with writeup and pictures 2)Picture Blog 3)You cannot upload videos but yes you can share URL’s of link if they are already there on youtube. You need to go “publish trip” option...and then click on “create new”.You can additionally import your already available blog using the “import blog”option.
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Thnx sir.. I have youtube channal with same name but there is no traval videos now
You can post pics which you want and for videos you can post a link.
upvoteUpvote (1)messageComment can post any of your travel pics but privacy will be compromised and to post videos you’ll first have to create a YouTube account and link it I guess...happy writing and travelling!!
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You can go ahead then!!👍🏻
I have a youtube account same name panku world..