You can easily cover Kodaikanal in 2 days. There is not need to stay at Kodaikana for 3-4 days. Rather in the next two days you can cover Munnar which is not very far from Koadaikanal.
Without that it will be tough
From which city u will be travelling then only i can suggest u a plan
You can cover mahabalipuram and pondi in two days. if you are in chennai you can start your trip by visiting mahabalipuram first( shore temple) from there only you can take bus or cab to Pondicherry which will take 3 hrs.
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Appreciate you taking your time out to answer,thank you once again😀
Https:// here is the link to my blog for both pondi and kodai. For kodaikanal two days are more than enough and a little suggestion don't take taxi if you really wish to enjoy that place and if you can walk. Walk to all the view points as all of them are on one road only. You'll see a kodai like never before. Then keep your remaining days for pondi as there are places where you will wish to go back again and again in pondi and do visit aurovile. Hope it will help.
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In pondi you’ll find bike rentals but as far as I know in kodai there are no bike rentals
Thanks a lot buddy,that should really help. Also are there any self rental bikes or cars in kodaikanal or pondicherry?
Hi would be appreciated if you tell from which city u will be travelling only kodaikanal would be fine for 3 to 4 days
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I need the plans from the day i reach kodaikanal till i go back,the travelling doesnt count