A few percentage would be sponsored. clear the doubts by mailing on tripoto's email address
Hi Prajwal, THey are asking you to use 500 credits and pay Rs 10000 for yourself and say 15000 for someone you are bringing. So, you are using 500 credits to get 25% discount for you and your partner.
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Oh...ok cool...thanks
If its charging you then the trip was not totally free it was 25 percent off thats why or if its written twin sharing means the other person's travelling cost is 10000 which if you want to make it as single occupant have to pay
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Oh ...ok cool tnx
Yes that other person can be tagged he will have to pay a subsidy rate... nd if you want yourself only in one room other than twin sharing then also you can do so
So twin sharing in the sense , that i can tag a friend along and i have to pay some amount like 7k and the said friend would have to pay like 10k ???