Hi! if you want to explore Shillong then there is a trekking root which is 30-40 km far from main city of Shillong and that trekking name is David Scott trail its in of the lovely trekking root and you have to cross 4-5montains.
Keadarnath or Kauri Pass.
Chaddar kedarkantha har ki doon rupin pass so many treks just keep check on snowfall and weather updates
If you are into trekking a lot and looking for a long and difficult trek, then you can try Chadar Frozen Lake trek. You can only do it during winters. If you looking for an average trek, then go for Kheerganga trek.
Hi Ritesh, kheerganga trek Happy Travelling! Thanks, Yasmin
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I've already done that dear in late January. Now i'm looking for another adventurous trek
Hi Ritesh, if you are beginners then the best place to go for trekking is triund trek near dharmshla, Himachal Pradesh. otherwise you can go kedarkantha trek, Uttrakhand. it is near to 6 days trek. if you want to feel snow then kedarkantha is best for you.
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I must say you should to Manali it will be great fun to do trek in winter
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Triund trek - dharamshala kheerganga trek - kullu bhuntar
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I've already done Kheerganga trek. It was a quite good experience.But now looking for some more adventuresome trek.
Hey Ritesh, Treks in winter : For 1 day trek you may choose anyone : 1)Triund Trek ( Dharamshala) 2)Prashar Lake Trek ( Mandi) 3)Kheerganga Trek (Parvati valley) 4)Bijli Mahadav Temple For long treks you can go to : 1)Kedarkantha trek ( best easy snow trek ) 2)Dayara Bugyal 3)Sandakhphu Pahlut trek Hope this would help you.
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Kedar Kantha trek.
Which of these covered with lots of snow ?
Kedarkantha one of the best winter trek..
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