As mentioned by Sreshti, skyscanner is a good way to find cheap flights. Also look out for Air Asia deals - sometimes you get amazing discounts (but look out for restrictions on cancellations and baggage allowance)
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You need to constantly check flights in Skyscanner and Momondo to rip the benefits.
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Take a flight on airasia from India to Kuala Lumpur and then from KL to Australia on Airasia. It will be the cheapest
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Delhi , Bangalore , Kolkata - direct flight to KL. For more details you can check
From which city in India?
I use Skyscanner to check out the cheapest time and flights for international destinations, especially Australia.
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Are these deals for real on scoot airlines?
Is this the correct search
You should check out kayak they are one of the best when it comes to cheapest airfare. They also recommend whether a round trip to your destination is cheaper or if trips to and from your destination are better. Worked well with me when I travelled south east Asia this summer :)
My brother go via Skyscanner