How Much Do You Know About Expo 2020 Dubai? Take This Quiz And Find Out What You’re Missing Out On!

World Expos are arguably the biggest cultural events on this planet and Expo 2020 Dubai has lived up to its reputation and more.  Along with highlighting the culture and economic progress of the UAE, Expo 2020 is also a platform for showcasing the very best across the world – culture, food, technology, and the future of life on earth. There is so much to do, see and discover at Expo 2020 Dubai, that a week-long stay in Dubai will seem insufficient.

Top 3 winners of the quiz stand a chance to win:
1. 1 pair of Expo single day tickets + Alkebulan: 2 food or drinks vouchers each up to the value of AED 320
2. 1 pair of Expo single day tickets pair + Long Chim: Express lunch for 2 plus 1 drink each
3. 1 pair of Expo single day tickets + Bread Ahead: AED 50 voucher

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1. If you’re an aspiring globetrotter, Expo 2020 Dubai offers you the opportunity to visit and get your Expo Passport stamped by how many country Pavilions?
2. Visitors can head to the US pavilion to admire a vehicle that is touted as the ride of the future by many. What is it?
Virgin Hyperloop
Blue Origin New Shepard rocket
Self-driving cars
SpaceX Falcon rocket
3. For music enthusiasts, the Robo band is a major draw at Expo 2020 Dubai. It brings to life Beethoven’s music via classical, rock, acoustic and electronic songs performed by robots. Which pavilion will you find this musical masterpiece at?
4. There’s a Pavilion at the Expo 2020 Dubai that provides a multisensory experience to visitors by way of a giant vertical farm with more than 9,000 plants and herbs growing on it. Which Pavilion is this?
South Africa
5. Alkebulan, literally meaning the Garden of Eden, is the first dining hall dedicated to the culinary traditions of a continent. Alkebulan is also believed to be the oldest name of this continent. Name the continent.
South America
6. The Italy Pavilion has a five-metre-tall copy of a classical masterpiece by Michelangelo. This 3D print of the classic is a high-tech reproduction that effortlessly fuses modern technology with classical art. Which masterpiece is this?
The Last Judgement
7. Water and fire come together to form a spectacular 14-metre-high fountain termed the Expo 2020 Water Feature. This attraction has an immersive water, light and fire show choreographed to music created by Ramin Djawadi. The music for which famous TV s
Game of Thrones
Breaking Bad
8. The Firdaus Orchestra is a pioneering women’s ensemble created exclusively for Expo 2020 Dubai under the creative direction of an Oscar-winning musical genius. This orchestra is forging new paths with female musicians in the Arab world. Who is this
Howard Shore
Hans Zimmer
A. R. Rehman
Alexandre Desplat
9. The Expo Explorer is a unique vehicle to move around in at Expo 2020 Dubai. This mode of transport gives its passengers an insight into the future of sustainable transport as it takes them across three stations – Mobility, Sustainability and Opportun
Flying bus
Swimming car
Compressed-air train
Driving helicopter
10. This restaurant has the most impressive lineup of celebrity chefs from Michelin-star and other award-winning restaurants. You can pull up a chair here and relish their signature Chef’s Table pop-up experience at Expo 2020 Dubai. What is the restauran
Star’s Kitchen
Jubilee Gastronomy
The French Laundry
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