How Much Do You Know About Spain? Take This Quiz and Win Prizes Worth Rs 3,000!

The festival Of San Fermin, flamenco dances, Sagrada Familia, FC Real Madrid  – there are far too many attractions that draw travellers to Spain. One such experience is the Feast of Santiago Apostol and the associated pilgrimage route called the Way of St. James. The Way of St. James travels through some of the most breathtaking locales of Spain and packs a gastronomic trail that attracts travellers from across the world.  

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Want to know more about the festival and this amazing country beyond its popular tourist cities? Take this quiz and find out your Spanish index!

1. The discovery of the remains of St. James led to the creation of a new city in Spain, which soon became a holy city at par with Rome and Jerusalem. What is the name of the city, which is also the final destination of the Way of St. James?
Santiago de Compostela
2. The Way of St. James is a pilgrimage route leading to the shrine of the apostle St. James. Hikers and cyclists from around the world cover this adventurous journey every year. How long is the Way of St. James?
780 km
520 km
280 km
70 km
3. The Feast of St. James is celebrated every year. 2021 is extra special as it is a Jacobean year, when the date of the festival happens to be a Sunday. When is the Feast of St. James celebrated?
25th July
20th August
24th June
17th July
4. A key attraction in Santiago de Compostela is the Hostal de Los Reyes Católicos. It was built by the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabel in 1486. This building is situated right next to the cathedral. What is this building?
Shopping centre
5. Santiago de Compostela is the capital of the Galicia region in Spain. Galicia is a major supplier of seafood in the country. Seafood is a major ingredient in a delicacy considered to be Spain’s national dish. What is the name of this delicacy?
6. The Way of St. James passes through Pamplona, a city that was featured in the Bollywood flick Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara as the location of one of the three experiences that the friends planned for each other. What was the experience?
Festival Of San Fermin
Scuba diving
La Tomatina
7. A trip to Santiago de Compostela is incomplete without a visit to the Cies Islands, home to some breathtaking tropical beaches. How long does it take to reach the Cies Islands from Santiago de Compostela?
1 hour
2 hours 30 minutes
4 hours
30 minutes
8. To the east of Santiago lies an ancient town that offers visitors 2.2 kilometre-long Roman city walls, the best conserved in the world. Which town do you need to be in to admire the Roman walls?
9. Santiago de Compostela’s historic quarter is among the most elegant in the world, dotted with graceful monasteries, impressive churches and historic palaces. Which architectural style is prevalent here?
10. For an Indian traveller to experience the Feast of St James in Santiago de Compostela, the closest major international airport is a six-hour train ride away, in the largest metropolitan city of Spain. Where is the airport located?
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