From Amsterdam Canals to Croatians GOT πŸ‡­πŸ‡·Β 

23rd May 2020
Photo of From Amsterdam Canals to Croatians GOT πŸ‡­πŸ‡· by Ankur Chugh
Day 1

Chapter - 3 , Volume 1 πŸ’“

Dubrovnik - Croatia πŸ‡­πŸ‡·

September 2019

In continuation of Chapter 2 - Amsterdam ....

I wake up early even after sleeping hell tired and beer drunk at 3 AM but this air , feel of travel and atmosphere around is no less than "Red Bull" that I knew I would not get this day easily again and I need to live it today ....

Probably like always I again reminded myself " No Pain - No Gain " ..

My hostel was behind the lane of Manneken Pis Potato 🍟 . Like last day I started my day again with my small pack of fries with mayonnaise and ketchup . While writing this I feel like having it right now as well but anyways probably next time - may be in February / March . Good thing about coming here in morning time is that you get away with 2-4 people ahead in billing and by the time it's 1-2 PM then you have to wait for at least half hour to get your turn even when these staff works like a speed of light .

So I paid 5.5 Euros for small pack and I was wondering how many packs sold in a day and may be it would 1000-2000 per day with average price of 6.5 Euros and gosh you can calculate now ...

Ok Ok .... Coming back ....

I booked my Dubrovnik flight from Rotterdam and this time I tried all my permutations , combinations to get the lowest flight fares and in this calculation of 12+ flights , Rotterdam to Dubrovnik costed me 4000 INR .. This route would cost at least 13000 INR anytime but then time you spend in research is always known as investment .

Took train from Amsterdam Central to Rotterdam Central and took Bus no. 115 to Airport . I bought the ticket inside and ask the driver to let me know when Airport arrive . I went to vacant seat and lady sitting in front of my seat . I received call from India and was speaking in Hindi . Now almost everyone was dropped down but this girl and I were left in bus . I asked her whether I missed the airport or it will come now . She told me don't worry I am going there too and showed me her bag .

Ahh ! Relief for me !

I anyways in Europe rush to airport with almost 1 hour left and any stupid mistake would cost be no less than 150 Euros . We started talking and I asked her where you are from and where you are heading to . She said she is a Dutch and she is heading to Dubrovnik . I said good to know about you and I am from ... She replied you are from India . I asked her how did you make out about my country and she said I can recognize easily and I have been to Srilanka before .

Probably this was not the first time that people made right guess about me . I myself get confused between Indians , Pakistani and Bangladeshi but almost all the people I met were 100% right about my country .

I asked her , how many days you are going on a holiday and which all islands you are covering . She said I am going for work for 7 days . She had a conference there .

My next words were how would someone go to Dubrovnik and attend a conference . She said , yes that's me ... But she said she would have 2 days to roam around Dubrovnik . By this we reached Airport .

We get down from bus and started walking towards airport gate . And this girl was much taller . Yeah Yeah Yeah , Humans of Netherlands . They are the tallest homo sapiens and I made myself remember again .

Good part about these giant girls and guys are , they don't even bother about others height .It's just about being tall , that's it ..They have no idea that one inch tall can make how much difference in life to an Indian ... They seriously have no idea ...

Probably the only one I met , who was bother , in my whole journey was a Croatian who was a guide and was walking with the European tourists . I was walking pararrel . He said I am extremely cautious about Chinese here and when these European said , why . He replied I am not sure who would get stuck and die in my legs . He was some 6 Feet 5 Inches 😞

Not saying anything to stereotype them .

In general - Crotians guys are lovely , funny , handsome and tall guys .. I am sure this small description is enough to tell the femalehood this is the place to be ...

Coming back ....

This girl said I would join you in flight and hence we parted our ways . Couldn't interact with her again but moved to immigration directly . Flight was on time and I reached Dubrovnik Airport .

City is some 30-40 minutes away ... Those who have no idea then let me tell you . Croatia is in Europe but not a part of Schengen region but they do accept multiple Schengen visa . Why multiple because you leave the Schengen region and hence there would be exit stamp . Then you would enter Croatia with entry stamp and then exit again while departure . Single entry is not valid here ..

Moved through immigration in Croatia as well and now looking to see how to reach in city . There are two options , Cab or Bus .

I already made my mind that I would not spend much money on cab and only when there is no option available and second I would stay at hostels not hotels to compensate my high flight fares .

I mailed my hostel to share the location and how to reach there . Good part about hostel is they would tell you the least cost route and cab would be the last option they would suggest you .

Hostel put me with whole description and I decided to book bus from airport . But but they need either Kunas or Card payments . I made my payment from credit card and saw the conversion charges and other are not that high and it is way better than withdraw from ATM and then convert again .

It was some 55 Kunas ticket and I boarded the bus to city . I reached the Old city and they call it "Peele Gate" and another one is "BooZaah" Gate ..

It was evening now and I entered into Tourists information center . Unfortunately they were closing and the security at that center was that strict that he was not allowing anyone to ask basis question from anyone .

I moved to shop nearby and ordered for juice and Pizza slice . Pizza is my savior ( Read Any vegetarian ) in Europe but fortunately this was the first and last time I eat pizza in Europe . I made sure that I would try other things not πŸ• anymore .

I entered in this old Town and now you could see this 15th century buildings . This was hell crowded and music , restaurant and some artists were performing inside old Town .

If you remember any Hollywood Greek movie like Troy or perhaps Bollywood movie like Padmawat , you would realise how beautiful this tiny life within these massive walls .

My next thought was we are that ignorant that we don't even value our historical heritage . If someone goes to Rajasthan , they would actually see , feel the history and historical values attached with these centuries old structures .

If our government understand the value and maintain the iconic structures and palaces , we would receive 100 % increase in tourism .

You would call me ignorant again if you get to know that I had no idea that Dubrovnik Old Town is what you see in "Game of Thrones" ..

I am giving you another chance of acknowledgement for my extreme stupidity and detachment from Netflix and similar world .. I have not seen a single episode of "Game of Thrones" and Sacred Games ...

Yes , People like me still exits 😞

Will continue the Volume 2 from here onwards ... May be tomorrow .... May be .... πŸ’“

Photo of Dubrovnik by Ankur Chugh
Photo of Dubrovnik by Ankur Chugh
Photo of Dubrovnik by Ankur Chugh
Photo of Dubrovnik by Ankur Chugh