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Blessed with the beauty of nature, Darjeeling is the queen of several tea estates and has always maintained their glory by offering memorable experiences to their tourists. If you also like roaming hill stations then it is the best place to go, where you can find a peaceful contact with the glorious snowy mountains, fresh breeze and a sense of inner pleasure with a touch of nature.

Darjeeling is a dreamy land for those who want to escape from the overwhelming city life and connect themselves with nature. As I am always being an admirer of beautiful nature and I have a desire to travel to different destinations, and yes, Darjeeling is always on the top of my bucket list. My exiting journey to Darjeeling starts from Delhi and after the exhausting travel for 1 day, I finally reached my dream destination.

I went there in the month of December, the chilling winters offered a wonderful sense of pleasure to me and the clear sky during this gives the best view of Kanchenjunga. .There is no wonder, why Darjeeling is known as the 'Queen of the Hills'. ( Hipster Tripster )

The glittering peak of Kanchenjunga and the beautiful tea gardens on the slopes hills made me mesmerized, I never thought that I would traumatize me on this level. Well, initially I explored the nearby area of Mall road where I found small markets and temples and met several people who told me about the famous places where I can visit and have delicious food.

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Photo by: Diksha Pathre

The 20 minutes conversation with the residents made me realize different aspects of Darjeeling. So, my first interaction with this beautiful hill town was quite exciting, I think it's an amazing world out there, people are so friendly, simple and sincere, also I could feel the positivity and grace with every second I spent there.

The Tiger Hills

It is said that the best view of sunrise is from the Tiger Hills, so, I decided to track to the tiger hills at 5 AM to see that mesmerizing view, when the sun rays kiss the earth's surface. Believe me that the morning for sunrise is nothing that you have to depend upon your alarm clock, it comes naturally. That first ray of sunshine brings a sense of actual natural color that made me understand the original shades of nature.

When I was enjoying the view, I realized that getting in a touch of nature is a blessing and I have never seen anything beautiful than this sunrise, there was something in the rays of the sun that just energized my whole body.

Mahakal Temple

After having the panoramic view of the sunrise, we decided to go to the popular place that is known as the Mahakal Temple. It was quite near to our place and just took a 15-minutes uphill walk to reach on the top but our journey didn't stop here, we found flights of stairs to reach the temple.

After a while, I finally reached the temple and that was just great! My eyes got stuck on the surrounding place, there were benches to take rest and the environment touched my heart. As we walked on the road, I saw that there are thousands of Buddhist prayer flags hanging over the trees. I went curious about this concept and asked a monk about this, he said that Buddhists believe that the prayer goes to heaven through the flags so that they put flags high in the sky.

The Happy Valley Tea Estate

The time comes when I finally got the chance to see the amazing tea estates which are why Darjeeling is famous for. So we took a step forward towards the English Cemetery and had a look at the beautiful tea estates that is known as the happy valley tea estates. If you also have an interest in recalling the British memories then you are most welcome to visit this place. The captivating view of the tea gardens will surely fill you with memorable experiences. My journey ended here, but the positive vibes of Darjeeling filled me with pleasure and I was astonished by nature's creation.