Places to see, things to do in Dharamkot & McLeodganj!


McLeodganj area has some pretty sweet things you could do while you're here. When I arrived to McLeod - I headed straight to Dharamkot and lived there a few days. To know a little bit about Dharamkot and some amazing food places around you could refer to my previous post by clicking here.

Things to do/Places to see around Dharamkot & McLeod - Read on! (More like - see on: Lots of Pictures!)

I) Walking to & around McLeodganj:

Main: Dalai Lama temple, St. John in the Wilderness, Roadside momos, McLlo's restaurant.

The walk from Dharamkot to McLeodganj is very scenic and casual. Its about 3 kms and takes about 20 minutes, curvy roads with picturesque pine trees making the entire experience look beautiful. I particularly liked the views of McLeodganj from the Tibetian Institute Of the Performing arts (They let you randomly enter the place) - something like this:

Once in McLeodganj, visit the Dalai Lama temple - the views from there be like:

The main square is pretty crowded, though has some great places to eat and things to do since its so commercial. Definitely worth spending an evening, if not more.

About a 20 minute hike from Dharamkot took us to Bhagsunaag waterfall - very mainstream and lots of people. But this is the place we discovered the Bhagsu cake (Click here to know what it is) so well this trip was pretty much worth it. Worth a one time visit - there is a temple here too, but its pretty alright. Can be skipped.

The trek to Triyund is one of the high-points and one of the high-points of a trip to Dharamkot/McLeod. The views from the top (of the Dhaulandhar range) are insane - so are the views while trying to get to Triyund. I encountered some really bad weather on my way there though.

One of my more rememberable experiences of the trip was walking here (Image below). Panting from climbing for the last half hour, body warm, weather cold, walking in the clouds and this view. It was over-whelming - my body was in a state of trance, it was unusual, and surreal.

This happened on my fourth day in Dharamkot! I had already made 3 friends from Bombay and we met another couple, in their mid fourties who were avid trekkers and were staying at the same guest house we were. One of the bombay peeps suggested a trip to Kangra fort and Mashroor Rock temple, and the 6 of us rented an Innova and set off to see the fort (About 40-50 kms from where we were at). I'll let the pictures do the talking!

The Masroor Rock Cut Temple or Himalayan Pyramid is a complex of temples located in Masroor in Kangra Valley, which is 40 kilometres (25 mi) from Kangra city in Kangra district, Himachal Pradesh.It is a complex of monolithic rock cut temples, such an architectural temple is unique to the northern part of India while there are many places in western and southern India where such rock-cut structures exist at number of locations. There is a lake or pond called Masroor lake in front of this edifice which shows partial reflection the temples. (Straight outta Wikipedia)

Photo of Places to see, things to do in Dharamkot & McLeodganj! 1/1 by Siddharth

I am as sad as you are, now that this epic picture journey as ended. This was the last destination in Dharamshala/Kangra area. Hope you liked the pictures and the places!

Next - we moved to Bir/Billing, the 6 of us, in a shared Innova. We did some pretty sweet things there too - the land of the monasteries and paragliding. Scroll up, click on subscribe/Follow and you will be notified when the next post is up!

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