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What are the best & exotic international tour destinations for 2019? Where you should spend your next vacations? There so many incredible destinations and iconic sights to take in around the globe it can be very hard to sit down and work out where to head to next for your next travel adventure.

You might be wondering where to head next? The usual tourist destinations are not high on your wish list. Here are some pointers on which amazing destinations you might want to visit when you are planning your next tour.

10 Amazing International Tour Destinations for 2019 You shouldn't miss

1. Edinburgh: Historic England offers plenty

Photo of Edinburgh, UK by Garima Nag

It might be quite a small island in comparison to some other vast countries around the globe. England is a destination that punches above its weight in terms of visitor attractions.

The great thing about tour holidays is that you get to see so many different sights in the one holiday. You are often heading to a new direction with each new day that dawns.

You can learn more here about some of the iconic places that this country boasts.

Discover the historic castles and palaces in the capital city, beautiful landscapes in the Lake District, and the truly unique Stonehenge

Its all possible in the one tour holiday. Appreciate why England is such a magnet for tourists afterall!

2. Amsterdam: A cultural experience awaits when you visit the Netherlands

Photo of 10 Exotic International Tour Destinations for 2019 - Sweet Sharing by Garima Nag

Amsterdam is a venue that caters primarily for young travelers. it is actually a place that has something for everyone and is a real cultural hub.

Visiting Amsterdam is widely regarded as one of the most immersive cultural experiences you can have. With a very unique laid-back vib, its a hot favorite among young couples, seniors seniors travelers back packers and family travelers alike. Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves and bikes mostly replace cars.

Plan a tour that starts in Amsterdam and then feel free to explore the surrounding area and other parts of the Netherlands, you won't be disappointed.

3. Mexico City has it all

Photo of 10 Exotic International Tour Destinations for 2019 - Sweet Sharing by Garima Nag

Far removed from mainland Europe, Mexico City enjoys a justified reputation as a top destination for tourists. Travelers who like the idea of mixing plenty of culture with a lively and vibrant atmosphere, its a perfect place.

The city has a huge amount of museums and art galleries to enjoy. If you are into architecture and archaeology, this would be reason enough to put Mexico City on your tour list.

International Tour destinations for amazing cultural experience

4. Marakech: A medieval city that never seems to sleep

Photo of Marrakech, Morocco by Garima Nag

Staying on the theme of cultural experiences, it would be hard to leave Marrakech off your lists. This city has plenty of history and is proud of its heritage. It is evident when you start to explore this incredible destination.

Morocco is a fascinating country to visit and Marrakech is the jewel in the crow. The souks and bazaars leave a lasting impression on you, especially if you indulge in the haggling for goods. It is very part of the experience and fun.

5. Cappadocia: A destination like no other

Photo of 10 Exotic International Tour Destinations for 2019 - Sweet Sharing by Garima Nag

Every place is unique to a certain extent. But Cappadocia, in Turkey, can justifiably live up to the billing of being like no other place on the planet.

When you first set eyes on this unique topography it will leave a lasting impression. Exploring this ancient town and the surrounding area will reveal a landscape that is hard to describe, and much harder to forget.

6. Belgium: A fairytale town

Photo of Belgium by Garima Nag

Next on the list is a town that makes you feel like you are part of a fairytale because it is so picturesque.

Belgium is an attractive country to explore and Bruges is the star attraction.With so many sights and sounds to enjoy when you spend some time in this magical European destination.

7. Malta: European capital of culture

Photo of 10 Exotic International Tour Destinations for 2019 - Sweet Sharing by Garima Nag

There are plenty of European countries that tend to steal the headlines when people are talking about where they would like to visit at some point, but there is one country that falls under the radar, and it shouldn't.

Malta has a lot going for it and the fact that it was recognized in 2018 as a capital of culture should tell you that it is well worth visiting, and Valletta is the hotspot to head to when you arrive on the island.

Travel & Tour destinations you can't afford to miss

8. Tokya: perfect for a touring holiday

Photo of 10 Exotic International Tour Destinations for 2019 - Sweet Sharing by Garima Nag

Japan has always been proudly insular and resistant to change and outside influences, which is what makes it such an interesting place to explore.

The majestic mountains, ultra-modern cities like Tokyo, and all the traditions combined with amazing culinary experiences all add up to make Japan a must-see tourist destination.

9. Bologna: Away from the spotlight, this Italian doesn't deserve to be ignored

Photo of Bologna, Metropolitan City of Bologna, Italy by Garima Nag

When your thoughts turn to tour Italy, you could be forgiven for thinking of places like Rome and Florence rather than Bologna, but you will be richly rewarded if you check this underestimated location.

Bologna still retains some medieval charm with its cobbled walkways and ancient towers, but it is a modern marvel in other respects, and foodies are well catered for in this city.

The city is proud of its roots and also enjoys a very modern outlook with street parties and festivals a regular feature, so there won't be any dull moments if you give Bologna a chance to shine.

10. La Paz: If you have a head for heights, La Paz needs to be on your list

Photo of 10 Exotic International Tour Destinations for 2019 - Sweet Sharing by Garima Nag

Bolivia offers some spectacular landscapes and the description extends to its capital city of La Paz.

It can proudly boast that it is the highest capital city in the world and the scenery is absolutely breathtaking with sweeping views when you grab a vantage spot some 12,000 feet above sea level.

Believe us, It's not just the views that will leave a lasting impression.The city has embraced a modern culture alongside its traditions. And it has quickly become a culinary hotspot with renowned restaurateurs taking up residence.

These are just a few of the international tour destinations for 2019 that should be on your tour list and with so many highlights to look forward to, you will be counting down the days until your adventure begins.

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