Tiny Facts of Great Cities - 09. MADRID



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Tiny facts of Great Cities - 09. MADRID

- Madrid is one of Europe's highest capital cities at almost 700 Meters above sea level.

- The symbol of Madrid is a Bear feasting on a berry tree.

- Madrid is not just a city but a state.

- Madrid is the European city of culture.

- Madrid was ruled by the Romans since the 2nd century , and later by the Arabs and finally the Spanish.

- Some of the most famous personalities like Julio Iglesias and Penelope Cruz are born in Madrid, and of course some others like Christiano Ronaldo reside in Madrid.

- Madrid has the largest Bullfight arenas in Spain with about 25,000 seats.

- According to FIFA, Real Madrid FC is the world's most successful football club.

- Madrid is the third biggest city in European Union, and if UK exit then it will be the Second biggest city.

- Madrid is the only city in the world with a monument to the devil located in the Retiro Park.

- Madrid is the first European city to be bombed in a Civil War in 1930.

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