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What is better than to witness the white spread of ice all around you? Iceland is one of the favorite destinations for those who want to enjoy nature at its best. The place is not only limited to ice but also has beautiful gifts from nature. Out there in Iceland, you can witness those majestic waterfalls which you imagined in your dreams. You can see those beautiful flowing rivers and can hear the sweet music that they produce while flowing. You can see those volcanoes that made their name written in history.

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For an admirer of natural beauty, Iceland seems to be the best place ever. The area hosts a number of flora and fauna. You can easily appreciate the birds exclusively seen at the place. There are still many glaciers out there, after which the place is named.

Here are the must to do things in Iceland

You can visit and Hike on the Skaftafell Nature Reserve. This reserve is so beautiful and diverse that once it was a National park on its own. Currently, it comes under the Vatnajökull National Park. The reserve has two massive glaciers, which are just amazing to look at.Further in the reserve, you can see the tremendous Svartifoss waterfall. The waterfall is one of the best attractions out there. The whole place is a result of a constant fight between ice and fire.

The Golden circle- it is the most famous tour in Iceland. The circle includes three main points that are Þingvellir National Park, Gullfoss Waterfall, and the Haukadalur Geothermal Valley (Geysir). The Þingvellir National Park is the only site on Iceland mainland that has been declared as the World Heritage Site by the .There are hundreds of different things that you will be watching at these three sites and in the Golden circle. It takes next to 5 hours for a complete tour. You can see the geothermal geysers, which are one of the most amazing miracles of nature.

Visit Eastfjords- this part of Iceland is not populated a lot. If you are planning to visit the place, you will have to book a hotel out there and have a stay at the place. And trust me, the place is worth visiting. You can see some of the best landscapes of Iceland and that too with a very low public disturbance.The diverse nature spread is just amazing to witness. The famous blue lagoon- the blue lagoon gets its name from the color of its water. It seems to have milky blue water, which is very unique and is the identifying feature of this lagoon. It is the most busiest and famous geothermal spa in Iceland. The good bacterias and the silica help you with different treatments. Moreover, it is both beneficial and relaxing.The place is located on the Volcanic Reykjanes Peninsula, which is famous for its huge and haunting landscapes. You can see the rare grey moss out there. The spa heals up your body and helps with conditions such as psoriasis. Aurora Borealis- or so-called the "Northern Lights" is one of the beautiful phenomena that you can witness in Iceland. Though this is limited to seasons when looks very beautiful happens. You can see a layer of light flowing in the dark sky above you. It feels like you are seeing a giant flowing curtain made up of light. The phenomenon happens due to a change of charges in a very thin environment. Have a visit to the beaches in the south- you have much experience out there. The black sand beaches are one of the famous tourist attractions. You can see many waterfalls, volcanoes, and enormous glaciers out there.

What is the best time to see Iceland at its best?

It is tough to pick a period of time in the year for visiting Iceland. It entirely depends on the reason for your visit. If you want to enjoy the green nature and the sun on the shiny surface of the ice, visit the place during summers. If you re into hiking, the moths of August and July are the best. For witnessing the northern light, visit the place during the September - October.


When we talk of a place where you can witness next to every beautiful and rare aspect of nature, Iceland is the place for you. Visit the place at any time of the year; it never lets you down.