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When I plan my trip I always look for some extraordinary places I can visit when I am on my vacations. Always look for more than just “things to visit” locations and you might end up making your own country just as I did. Avoiding touristy cliche and talking more with locals and always eating local food always help me to know a culture more. A simple hack is to find locals through social media and that’s what I always do. I love reading stories on Tripoto and it helps in finding unique places I can visit that others just can never get to.I remember how it all started with my Bir Tawil trip. I was looking at Google Maps for the places I can visit after my conference and I saw Bir Tawil. I learned about Bir Tawil 6-7 years ago and it sounded fascinating. I talked to 3-4 local friends I met online and from work to gather more information. When I was in Egypt, my friend Esraa became my local guide and took me pyramids and nearby. I love to explore local cultures, finding differences and similarities with my community. 2. Find your photographic spots before visiting.We love clicking pictures. I travel with my drone, GoPro, DSLR and 3 different lenses because I love to click pictures when I travel. You can find some of my photos here: always look for photographs on Unsplash, Flicker, Pinterest, and 500px before I visit any place. This helps me in making my mind for the kind of pictures I can click and get inspired from other photographers. I always look for spots on street maps. I remember before going to Nigeria Falls I checked almost every picture on Flicker to find few sweet photogenic spots.My trip to Bir Tawil required some great preparation with my brother Suyog. Our plan sounded crazy and dangerous but if your travel bucket-list doesn't give you goosebumps then it is not worth doing.3. Timing is the key

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Best time to visit Cairo is from October to May

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