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The next trail was to the Satpal Plateau. This is a massive table land of lateritic rock, the most picturesque amongst all the places we had visited. It is perimetered by dense jungle and right in the middle of it a steam originates. It is a visual feast for urban visitors, even more hauntingly beautiful in the morning mist. The landscape is not the only thing that draws your attention but also the thousands of birds, butterflies and insects that we see here. The most amazing being the Lantern Bugs, the Pill Millipede (we also saw an albino Pill Millipede), Ceylon Cat Snake and the Travencore Wolf Snake. This plateau is about 2 miles walk from the resort. There is also an old church some distance away from this plateau. With this trail we had almost come to an end of our stay in Mollem. But Goa amazes you at every turn with display of superb natural marvels. Post lunch we went for our last trail – the Sunset point trail.

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