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Mridula singh

Charkaman, Charminar, Hyderabad 500082
Not only a prominent landmark of the city, but also a monument whose name is brightly mentioned in the history of Hyderabad. The name 'Charminar' is made up of two very distinct words- Char and Minar means four towers. Each part of the monument has a plaza like opening overlooked by a tower. The oldest mosque, Mecca Masjid of Hyderabad is also a part of the Char Minar. This was built by the 5th Sultan named Quli Qutb Shahi on the banks of the Musi River. It is right in the heart of the city and was taken for diving the city into four parts for government purposes in the earlier times. Some say that this monument was built as a symbol of love for his queen Bhagyavathi and some say it was built to mark the end of a fatal plague that had affected the city. There is also known to be a decret tunnel beneath the floors of the Charminar, which connects it to the Golconda Fort staright. This was the Escape route for the royals during an emergency.
Golconda Fort
Ibrahim Bagh, Hyderabad 500008
This was the capital of the Qutub Shahi dynasty and is also known as the Golla Konda Fort. It is a few kilometers from the Hussain Sagar Lake and is a huge and mighty fort till date to have been built on a hilltop. Originally known as Mankal, this was a palace built in the 12th Century in place of what was earlier a mud palace built by the king of Warangal. This was later fortified in the 14th and 17th centuries and the credit for this goes to the Bahmani Sultanate. One of the architectural marvels of Hyderabad, there are a numkber of gates out of which the most famous is the Fateh Darwaza which could be crossed by Aurangzeb once. This fort is on top of a granite hill and is itself also made of granite.
Hussain Sagar Lake
2 km from Hyderabad Center, Hyderabad
This is one of the very few man- made lakes of the country and is one of the most beautiful too. The statue of Lord Buddha made in granite stands in the middle of the sparkling lake and it looks nothing less than a dream. The lake connects Hyderabad and Secunderabad and was built by Sultan Nawab Shah Wahi in the 17th century to provide the people with adequate water supply. To one part of the lake is the Lumbini Park and in the middle is this place which has a royal entrance with two lions guarding it just like many other ancient temples. on the banks of this lake are the Birla Temples all in white marble. The view of the lake becomes even better after evening with the white lights put up which make it look like a diamond necklace. You get the best views from the Tank Bund Road as well as the Neklace Road. You can cruise around here and enjoy a romantic lunch date on board only.
Belum Caves
Belum Village, Kurnool
Chowmahalla Palace
Khilwat, 20-4-236, Motigalli, Hyderabad 500 002
The official residence of the Nizams while they were the authority of the state, this ws a prominent seat of the famous Asaf Jahi Dyansty. The palace in the local language is called as the Chowmallattuu Palace. The construction began in the year 1750 by Nizam Salabhat Jung and was finally completed in the year 1864- 69 by Nizam Afzar- Ud Dawla Bahadur. Stretching from the Laad Bazar to the Aspan Chowk, the palace is a replica of the Shah's Palace in Teheran of Italy. The palace in spite of being so old has held on nicely to its former beauty and glory and is ageing with absolute grace. The detailing of the architecture and designs is fantastic. Apart from the beautoful lawns and and gardens the Tehniyat Mahal, Afzal, Mehtab and Aftab Mahals are very popular attractions in here.
Salar Jung Museum
Salar Jung Road, Hyderabad 500024
Situated on the south western banks of the Musi River and in the Afzalgunj Region, this is the 3rd largest museum of the country. This is also the largest museum with one man collections. There are 38 galleries with over 500000 exhibits here which were earlier housed in a private museum which was then inaugrated by the Prime Minister Jawaharlak Nehru. The present Museum we see was opened in the year 1968. Mir Yousuf Ali Khan Salar Jung III was the able Prime Minister of the 7th Sultan of Hyderabad and is known to have spent almost all his income and 35 years of his life in collectiong the unique pieces which are still conserved here from all over the world. He was extremely passionate about his hobby and the museum is also named after him. The collections remained in the Deodi Palace even after his death before these were showed to the public. The most prized possessions are the statue of Veiled Rebecca and Marguerite and Mephistopheles.

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