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And my favorite, Berlin, it taught me that anyone can do a course correction anytime in their lives. Everybody makes mistakes, its only up-to us how we chart our journey afterwards. You can either sink in your own mistakes or you can rise up and make yourself an example to follow. What is now East Side Gallery, was once the wall diving Germany. It is now a beautiful open art gallery which spreads message of peace and hosts artists from across the globe.It wasn’t just the cities that taught me so much, it was the experiences that came along the way that made me realize my own potential as a traveler. I literally sprinted to take a last bus out of airport to the city in Rome, old me would not have done that. Last minute gate changes made me panic at Paris but somehow it all worked out just fine. I got lost in the streets many times during this trip – remember no data means no GPS – but almost always I stumbled upon a great hidden place which I would have missed going with maps.Sometimes the only way to ever find yourself, is to get completely Lost. - Kellie Elmore.My Advice to everyone – travel solo at-least once in your lifetime and that lifetime should start now.Happy Journey!For Pictures from my trip Click Here

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Best time to visit Berlin is from July to October

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