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Kickstart Day 1: Charming Christchurch to Tantalizing TekapoA 22 hour long flight from Delhi landed us in Christchurch at 7am, Cathay Pacific suited us well. We had pre booked with Apex car Rentals and had a hassle free experience with car and the service, right from picking up the car at Christchurch airport to dropping it at Auckland airport. We chose Altis Corolla Automatic for our journey of about 3700 kmTip: When picking the car, pick GPS device (it won’t cost you much) since wifi is not ubiquitous but the GPS service is flawless. Also if you are anything like Aman and I, you would WANT to speed up your car in New Zealand and a GPS will help you stay within speed limits AND give you heads up on all speed cameras installed(there are a lot!)

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