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San Francisco is known for many things - breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, winding roads, whimsical fog, colors of the Castro, ghosts of the Gold Rush and of course, possibly the most photographed bridge in the world.However, what makes it stand out from other American cities is its sheer culinary diversity. The pluralistic culture of the city as well as the abundant resources of California have made SF a foodie’s paradise. You could find an Ethiopian restaurant, an upscale Sushi place and a colorful Taqueria, all within blocks from each other.As of last count, there are over 4,000 restaurants in the city! Though you clearly won’t be able to explore even 1% of the cities numerous offerings in one trip, here are some of my most memorable experiences.1. Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot - Plunge into a pot of simmering broth peppered with traditional condiments and spices. Take your pick from a variety of vegetables, meat and seafood and stew your own personalized hot pot. This was surely one of the most fulfilling food experiences I have ever had!

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Best time to visit San Francisco is February and from April to September

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