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COONOR- KOTAGIRI- OOTYThere is something fascinating about South India. For a perfect getaway with the family, here is a route that will leave you refreshed, re-rejuvenated and totally connected with the nature. This route forms an inverted triangle. One starts the journey from Coimbatore to Coonoor, proceeds at an elevation to Kotagiri and then finally reaches Ooty, which is located parallel to Kotagiri. You may also choose to visit Ooty first and then Kootagiri.Recommended Itinerary-One may opt to stay for 2 nights at Coonoor, and 2 nights at Kotagiri, with a day tour to Ooty. This is recommended for travelers who wish to stay away from the mainstream hillstation- Ooty. The other option is 2 nights Coonoor and 2 nights Ooty, with a day tour of Kotagiri.Distance-• Distance between Coimbatore to Coonoor is 71km (2.5hrs).• Distance between Coonoor to Kotagiri is 21km (40mins).• Distance between Coonoor to Ooty is 19km (30mins)• Distance between Kotagiri to Ooty is 30hour (1hr).• Distance between Ooty to Coimbatore is 85km (3hrs).How to Reach-• By Bus: Coonoor is well-connected by many National Highways and smaller roads.• By Train: Coonoor is well-connected with the railway system. Trains to Coonoor are available from all major railway stations in India.• By Flight: The nearest airport is Coimbatore International airport, which has well-connected flights from all over India.

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Best time to visit Tamil Nadu is from November to February
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