A week in Goa

9th Feb 2021
Day 1

Travel gets me attached to the places, how i get attached with people.
Atleast for me, this is what travel does to me.
I might sound like an emotional fool but i get attached to places easily like how i get attached to people.I miss few people in my life but i am ready to meet new people. I am in love with the idea of meeting strangers and knowing there stories and journeys.
Travelling for me is not booking my private room in a nice hotel or resort.
Ofcourse i book a stay for myself where i can feel safe as a girl but travelling for me is interacting more with others, be it any local or fellow travellers.
Going out, exploring the place, talking and interacting is what makes me content.

And most importantly it makes me compassionate, kind and less judgemental  towards others.

Let me know, what travel means to you?

Go out and explore the world 🤸🏻‍♀️

Photo of Palolem Beach by Shilpi Tripathi