Goa- More Than Beaches, Booze & Bikinis

1st Jun 2015
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Dudhsagar Waterfalls
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Mahadev Temple
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Tambdi surla
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Tambdi surla waterfalls
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the rail trek to dudhsagar
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approaching train
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Goa rafting
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mahadei river
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It’s the arrival of monsoon and Goa is not the usual for the next few months. Goa is not at all in the list of monsoon destinations in India. It’s that time when water sports and most of the shacks are shut and tourists are warned not to venture to the beaches. So what do we do now in Goa? What was my reason to travel to Goa last monsoon? It was to experience the adventure and the thrill Goa has to offer us during monsoons. After two consecutive failed trip plans to Goa one in December and other in the month of February I was totally disappointed and not in the mood to postpone my trip to Goa for next tourist season. Now here Google Baba came to my help and I finally decided Goa is a place that can be enjoyed throughout the year and the months of monsoon could be a totally different experience. The lovely weather and the lovely narrow roads with trees on both sides we can just enjoy riding on for hours long and not get tired or bored. It’s all about expecting the unexpected and that is what we travellers want..;) And believe me guys it happened to be a hell of an adventurous and thrill filled trip. It was not at all about the regular beaches, booze, bikinis and parties it was to enjoy those offbeat places which gets life only in the monsoon season and where normal tourists don’t venture only adventurous travellers go.

Things to do In Goa during Monsoons

1} Dudhsagar Waterfalls Trek

Dudhsagar as the name speaks out is an “Ocean of milk”. Dudhsagar Waterfalls is located in border of Goa and Karnataka on the Mandovi River. The train route of this region is one among the best routes of Indian railways. Dudhsagar Falls is listed as India's fifth tallest waterfall and is 227th in the world at 310 m. The water plummets hundreds of metres from over a thousand feet in large volumes during the rainy monsoon season, forming one of the most spectacular natural phenomena in Goa Karnataka border. The area is surrounded by a deciduous forest and many species of birds, insects, plants and animal abound here. The monsoon not only brings the bigger falls to life but also gives birth to a number of beautiful smaller falls in the way. Castle rock station a beautiful railway station nestled in the Western Ghats along the Karnataka-Goa border is the start point of one of the routes from where we can start our trek. The trek can also be started from Kulem station. But I would suggest to trek from the Castle rock side as this route is filled with amazement crossing many tunnels, beautiful small waterfalls & lots of surprises. This is a rail-route trek and anyone can trek and enjoy the nature at its best. The trek distance is 14kms from Castle rock station and I can guarantee you will not feel tired doing such a long trek as the beautiful nature will keep pumping you up with full energy and your eagerness to witness the waterfalls will keep growing with every step. During the monsoon season the falls are transformed into one of the most powerful falls in India. Trekking and enjoying heavy rains is just an out of the world experience. Adjectives will fail to describe the amazement and awe that will run through your veins as you stand watching the mighty Dudhsagar falls. Much of it just can’t be explained or penned down, you have to be here during monsoons to sulk into the beauty of nature at its ultimate bliss.

2} Thrilling Bike Ride

Want to experience a never before experienced thrill? Imagine a bike ride alongside railway tracks, poles, muddy road, bumpy terrain, stones, logs and through dense Jungle crossing river streams, skidding through Diary milk silk like smooth wet mud..:P . Stop imagining and go experience the thrill this monsoon. If you don’t want to trek 11kms from the Kulem station to Dudhsagar falls you have this adventurous option. This approach to the waterfalls is just like another raw adventure. It will cost you around Rs500 per bike but I bet you guys the way the Pilot rides the bike through that difficult terrain, river streams, mud etc in monsoon is worth more than what we actually pay them. So just sit tight and hold yourself firm on the bike & leave the rest to the Pilot (Daredevil Riders). Trekkers trekking from Castle rock side can also experience this adventure. After finishing the trek to Dudhsagar falls you will have to walk further towards Sonalium railway station which is around 2-3kms from the falls & ask the station master to help with arranging the bikes. The station master of Sonalium staion is a real good person and will surely help you with this.

3} Go Goa Rafting

This is another adventure Goa has in offer for Monsoon travellers. When the rafting season is closed elsewhere, Mahadei river calls all the adventure seekers to its beautiful waters running through dense forest. A 10km run on easy class 2 to 3 rapids and a few big waves and rapids will give you the much wanted thrill of excitement. Rafting during monsoon is just amazing. Dense Forest on both the sides, dark clouds above and beautiful rains just adds to the amazement and gives us a spectacular and a picturesque experience which can never be forgotten. It will make you fall in love with nature and you will surely thank god for creating such a beautiful place. Every year Goa tourism department specially organizes rafting during monsoon and per person cost is also very economical at Rs.1500. It’s for adventure lovers, it’s for water babies, it’s for the love of nature, and it’s for the daring adventurers. Simply amazing and a heavenly experience.

4} Tambdi Surla Mahadev Temple

Tambdi Surla Mahadev temple is one of the oldest temples of Goa that survived from the Portuguese invasion as it was set next to a stream in the middle of the small clearing, hidden in the dense jungle. The temple is around 65kms from Goa’s capital Panaji. The temple is dedicated to lord Shiva. It is built in the Hemadpanthi style from the finest weather-resistant grey-black basalt. It is considered to be the only specimen of Kadamba-Yadava architecture in basalt stone preserved and available in Goa. The temple has been declared as a protected historical monument by the Archaeological Survey of India. There is a linga of Lord Shiva mounted on a pedestal inside the inner sanctum and local legend has it that a huge King Cobra is a permanent residence in the dimly lit interior. The temple sits snugly in the midst of a green lawn, by the banks of the river surla. The area around the temple is covered with beautiful green grass throughout the year except summer. The green grass and the grey-black basalt temple beautifully complement each other and the view is just a delight to our eyes. The calm surroundings will give you an extreme peaceful and serene experience and behold you in the beauty of the contrasting structure and greenery around.

5} Tamdbi Surla Waterfalls Trek

Tambdi Surla Waterfalls is located deep inside dense forest. It’s about 90 minutes walking distance from the Tambdi Surla Mahadev temple, a popular attraction to both domestic and foreign tourists. The trail to the waterfall begins on the left of the entrance to the temple complex. A tiny path marks the humble beginning of the trek to the wonderful waterfalls. The trek to the falls is filled with lot of excitement and encountering a variety of species of reptiles and wild animals. The trail to the falls is through dense forest crossing a few streams and enjoying the sightings of the beautiful nature and its numerous creatures. At the end of the trek awaits you a beautiful waterfalls descending water from around 50 meters height and you will be surely humbled and the alluring sight will make you feel like in heaven.

Traveling is to find a second home away from home, to make friends out of strangers and to built never forgettable bond with the new place. And yes Goa is like a second home for many of us & after all this adventure and thrilling experiences we still have time to relax on our very own lovely beaches and say cheers like we always do when in GOOOAAAAAAAAAA...;) :D