Macedonian in Goa

18th Oct 2018
Photo of Macedonian in Goa by Zhivanka Morris
Day 1

What can I say? I am Macedonan and I love to travel! Guilty! Macedonians have a lot of issues getting the visa done but let me tell you, it took me some time to realise that all can be done if there is a will, and so it began.
Goa was not the first place I have visitied though, I had been in the UK for seven years and currently living in Dubai for year and a half, these are a different chapters, but Goa, oh my, oh my.
I still can't wrap my head around of how beautiful this place is. I mean it is mesmerazing, completely opposite of what most people think. It is not that over crowded India, what we hear about, what we see on the news, this is where your eyes meet Heaven!
For my luck I arrived at 6am in the morning, the flight with Air India was pleasant. The immigration officer was very polite,he put the stamp and the visa on my passport and said "Welcome to India."
So my chapter began there. Stay tunned if you want to listen to my story, I promise you it is worth it.