Safety tips on your Goa trip!

Photo of Safety tips on your Goa trip! by Navneeth Venkatesh

Since its liberation from the Portuguese, Goa has flourished to become one of India’s & abroad’s popular destination since the millennium, all thanks to the Bollywood movies for promoting Goa tourism. But, Goa from my microscope is an epitome of urban forest, looks beautiful but easy to lose your way. So today, I’m going to share some safety tips on your next trip to Goa.

Don’t go in off season :

Goa looks empty when travelled during off season.(April to Oct). you cannot witness party scenes, dolphin watching. & Jetski riding. I have travelled to Goa on June and All I could witness is just its Greenary.

Don’t accept Drugs or scammy vendors :

Goa is currently looking to remove Drugs and Narcotics from the crime list to make Goa safer for tourists. Don’t attend rave parties as it is a trap put by drug peddlers.

Don’t take accomodation where there is less connectivity.

I Faced this problem, I took an accommodation in South Goa. I ended up travelling in a long deserted ride and had to pay Rs 500 for taxi. Before booking accommodation call the hotel you have chosen and ask about the availability of public transport.

Don’t go out at night :

As I said, Goa is full of pollution free streets and silent nights, It is not advisable to go out in the night as it will be too dark and chances of public transport availability is low.

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