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I still go speechless when I think about the beautiful Niagara. I'm still wrapped in the mist of the pure white falls and the sight of the seagulls do not leave me. Niagara Falls is one lifetime experience that must be a part of your Bucket List. And I'm lucky to see it from both the sides- Canada as well as New York, USA. Which ever side you may see it from, the vastness of the falls will enthral you for the rest of your life and that's guaranteed. So pick up your vacation schedules, sort out your finances, save to splurge or cut down on your luxuries, but you must visit this gigantic phenomenon once in your lifetime.If you're visiting from the US Side, there is a separate article on Must do things at the Niagara Falls from the US side. And if you're visiting from the Canada side, scroll below. Niagara Falls is an hour and a half from the city of Toronto on the Canada-US border. And if you have visa for both the countries, bring it on from both the sides. Like me, more the merrier.From Post cards to reality, here are Must Do 7 things at the Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada.1. Stay a night at a Fall Facing Hotel.This is the 'icing on the cake' only from the Canada side. So first of all you have to stay a night at a Fall facing Hotel to see the falls from a top view. Stay by the fall, relax by the fall, coffee by the fall and sleep by the fall :). We stayed at the ' Marriott by the Falls' and the view from the 15th floor of our room was just spectacular. We saw a thunderstorm over the falls, lightening over the fall for it was a stormy night. And the way Niagara came alive at 1'o clock night under a lightening spell, it still resonates in my mind. Like a movie scene from a sci-fi thriller, it was just spectacular. Canada has that advantage of staying by the falls and make full use of it.

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Best time to visit Niagara Falls is February and from April to June

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