16 Days
Easter in Cyprus
Easter in Cyprus

I spent two weeks mainly traveling around the Greek side of Cyprus with a friend and her mother. ...

Kayli Olson
Quaint villages of Troodos Mountains

Do you have kids? This is one of the most common questions we have been asked where ever we go. ...

Sunburnt Diary
35 Days
My RTW Trip Itinerary: Re-visiting Old Favorites

This was my sixth annual month-long trip around the world in 2011.  When I first began my RT...

Jenny McIver
Cruisin’ the Turkish Riviera

Jamaica, Bahamas, Rio de Janeiro, Thailand, Bali. In my travels, I have seen some pretty spe...

This Married Couple Traveled Around The World To Give Us The Ultimate Relationship Goals!

When all of us are busy pursuing our dream jobs and focusing on our careers, we often forget that...

Le Voyageur

Beautiful coast with lots to see and do. We went to the Mosaics (again students are free) and wandered around Paphos (AKA Pafos). We didn't do a boat tour but there are regular tours everyday from a lot of boats. Got a free Segway ride for a couple minutes.
Standing tall amongst the Limassol Ranges are the Troodos Mountains. At the heart of the island of saints, culture and beauty- Cyprus is a region which has abundance to offer to a traveller like me. As I set foot in the south-east of this region, backpacking around Troodos, I discovered the unique picturesque scenery that surrounded these mountains. Exploring its much talked about dense forests and mines, I further delved my footsteps into the valleys encompassing beautiful vineyards and scenic panoramas. While I could clearly see how the Troodos valley was truly meant for all seasons, what amazed me the most were cultural treasure of the place. The archaic remains and monastery of kykkos, amongst other mountain views, added to the beauty that lay around and beyond Troodos. And my trip to Troodos came to a perfect end as I walked in serenity on the cobbled streets arched with blossoming orchards.


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