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Exmouth to NorthbrookDay 6 we start our drive down from Exmouth to North Hamptom, be sure to have a great book ready to read, music to listen to or movie to send you asleep… because this is the longest drive yet! We have few small stops along the way to stretch our legs before we arrive at a Mango Plantation at Brumbaks. Here you can enjoy some home-made mango and chocolate ice-cream before we continue on our way. Arriving at NorthBrook Farmstay around 6.00pm, we settle in and enjoy dinner and beer by the campfire. NorthBrook farm has lots of room to play, and the owner is so easy-going and friendly! They have a rescue pet camel and baby donkey that are just the sweetest things and love some wheetbix and cuddles in the morning... if that's not enough to convince you to stay there I don't know what is!Tip: Got netflix? Download some movies from there while you have wifi... you will need something to watch as this is a massive day of driving. Don't forget there is no cell reception out there for hours!

Best Time To Visit Western Australia

Best time to visit Western Australia is from April to October

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