Hotel Hot Springs & Health Care At Nature's Jacuzzi, Tattappani, Shimla

Photo of Hotel Hot Springs & Health Care At Nature's Jacuzzi, Tattappani, Shimla by LALIT koundaal

Himachal Pradesh has been bestowed with the Hot Water Springs at multiple locations; Vishashta & Manikarna in Kullu District and Tattappani in Mandi District. I have spent some time of my childhood in a small village Jaa , near Jari which was considered a big place at that time. Further, you go, you hit Kasol which was a virgin forest land, presently a famous small Irish Town (for not so good reasons). We used to pass through these places en-route to Manikarna. I still remember, the egg-like smell filling the whole environment as you enter Manikarna and rice pots immersed in hot water pools securely.

Tattapani is another famous place for Hot Water Springs. Back in 1980 when we used to visit the place, it was just a place encashing on the wondrous ooze from the mother earth. The tourism Department had a lackluster approach, which is kind of usual of them. To my surprise, in 2019 when I visited Tattapani again, it was a different place. There was a resort called Hot Water Springs & Health Care standing tall, and the river Sutlej was now swollen because it has become a part of the Catchment area of the Koldam, 4X200 MW Hydro Power Plant Set up by NTPC.

About Hotel Hot Springs & Health Care, Tattapani -

On digging further, my inquisitive mind wanted to know about the person who has set up the Hotel Hot Springs & Health Care resort. The resort was correctly positioned, but surprisingly it was not Himachal Tourism to set up the same. I was told, the facility belongs to Mr. Prem Raina who enjoys the status of NRI. Mr. Prem Raina has had a stint in Italy where he worked in the hospitality sector. But there is always a "Go-Back-To-My Roots" moment in everybody's life. The same thing happened to Mr. Rajeev Sawant of Sula Wines, Nasik, and here, to Mr. Prem Raina, Owner of Hot Springs & Health Care Resort, Tattappani.

Only very few can gauge the business potential and narrow it down to the "kind of Business" that has the potential to flourish in the region. Mr. Prem Raina chose Hospitality Sector combined with Wellness. This laid the foundation of Hotel Hot Springs & Health Care, Tattappani.

Hotel Hot Springs & Health Care is situated in the middle of the peaceful green valley along the high bank of River Satluj. This is the first hot spring thermal spa hotel that makes use of natural hot sulfur springs. With lush nature surrounding the hotel and first-class service, visitors are sure to be relaxed and rejuvenated. There are many facilities provided by the hotel, including a mini swimming pool, private thermal bath pools, water sports, mountain biking, fishing, adventure park, camping, fitness center, business center, Internet access, railway station transfer, and an on-call doctor. Hotel Hot Springs & Health Care offers many unique therapies and it is recommended to stay here for treatments and rejuvenation.

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Hot Springs diverted to beautiful pool
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How do we reach Tattapani -

Tattapani is about 26 km from Naldehra and 55 km from Shimla. There are state transport buses available but services are not that frequent. If you have time bound trip , then its advisable to hire taxi to reach Tattapani.

While going to Tattapani one can see the places such as Mashobra and Naldehra. Mashobra being a place where noted people have setup their humble abodes.For instance, in 1992, Pankaj Mishra, famous writer/poet moved to Mashobra where he began to contribute literary essays and reviews . Some more celebrated residents are Amit Khanna, Filmmaker,Poet ,Writer and Media Guru ; Navtej Sarna ,a well known diplomat & Author.