Nothing better than an all-girls expedition!


I have been a voyager for my entire life. Going on unrehearsed experience trips has been something that energizes me to my core. Brought up in a land bolted city, I have yearned for slopes and snow covered tops growing up.

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Memories from our last trip together!

This summer I concluded that we will wander profoundly into the Himalayan Terai Region and venture deeper into the remote zones of Himachal Pradesh. My companions and I mutually agreed that we all will rendezvous in Gurgaon, from various parts of the country and start our excursion from here. Anyway before we could continue with our definitive arrangement, I was dependable on finding a decent hotel in Gurgaon for us all.

Our own is a gathering of ladies and to us wellbeing and safety regardless of where we stay is our main goal. After a great deal of intensive research I stumbled over the best hotel in Gurgaon; The Perch. There was a great deal of reasons I picked this yet for the most part on the grounds that The Perch Hotel Chain in Gurgaon was begun by Mrs. Madhu Singh. A hospitality establishment started by a lady re-affirmed my confidence that every one of my prerequisites will be invited at this venue. Besides, it additionally is the best hotel in Gurgaon on the grounds that its costs are unassuming while at the same time giving 5 star services to its guests.

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Luxurious and Pocket-friendly stay at The Perch

We gathered our packs and individually the entirety of my companions appeared at the hotel. Everybody was similarly surprised to see the extravagant quality we were offered at such incredible costs that fit our understudy of student financial plans. What additionally was one of a kind to me was the way that the hotel, consistent with it esteems; it utilizes a reasonable proportion of male and female representatives in all segments of activities.At the gathering we were welcomed with groupings and refreshments and as we completed the customs, our baggage’s were moved to our rooms by the hotel staff.

After arriving at our rooms we really were excited on the grounds that the rooms were astonishing. They open, with sufficient characteristic light with lavender breeze and centralized AC with royal room setting. In fact every one of our rooms had huge beds, new linens and sheets, new towels, dining room and significantly more. Almost certainly this must be the best hotel in Gurgaon. In addition, the staff was amazingly humble and strong carrying out our necessities day in and day out throughout.

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Longed for a lavish dining experience

We dined the best food arranged by top gourmet experts in the business and the best kitchen staff. After lunch, a few of us went to the recreational center later on for workout, messed around in the amusement room, for example, Table Tennis and got a book from the library. The hotel offers such a great amount to do those decisions could leave you befuddled. Before taking off at last for our excursion we concluded we would shop locally and assemble some fundamental assets for our trip. Fortunately, the hotel, sits at the focal point of metro, transports and cabs as far as transportation. Its simplicity permitted us to go to and fro with no issue and investigate remote interesting zones in the area already concealed.

On account of our brilliant remain at The Perch; we were revived to continue further with our excursion with fervor and force. I would enthusiastically suggest remaining at The Perch Hotel as it definitely the best hotel in Gurgaon.

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All Set!