Himachal we've missed you! Here's what to expect on your next trip to the mountains


Post Covid, Himachal & Utrrakhand are in lines to take off tourist restrictions, but this decision can get too sensitive given medical facilities in these mountain states. Even the locals are seeing opposing the decision and asking the tourists to go back.

I personally would not recommend travel for another quarter atleast given the increasing Covid graph in our country.

But even if you have to travel against all odds, you must abide by first hand precautions:

- Avoid Home Stays

- Avoid Village Visits

- Avoid Public Transport, commute-transfer in private vehicle only

- Dont be Greedy, it may cause big harm to others

- Make other people aware who are planning to travel


- Be Patient

- Let the outbreak settle some more

- Live through old travel memories :)

So heres a toast to reliving old travel memories through vewfinder!

Enjoy this video from an exhilarating fun trip of a bunch of friends in Himachal circuit.



Photo of Himachal Pradesh, India by Vijaya
Photo of Himachal Pradesh, India by Vijaya