Where not to Stay at Chitkul- The Wanderer's Nest


I wish I could say that my stay resonated with the name itself but instead, it is better to stay wanderer rather than staying at Wanderer's Nest, Chitkul.

After staying at Echor, Narkanda (review: https://www.tripoto.com/trip/where-to-stay-at-5caf586bd3c49), where I had quite an amazing stay, keeping the place and other scenario in mind, I had expected not a lavish or a great treatment but the stay was not even decent. It was far from decent and very expensive even in an off season.

First of all, it was all covered in snow. I had taken half an hour to walk in the fresh snow to reach so called "The Wanderer's Nest", my shoes had filled up with snow. The staff came and showed me the room, not mentioning the tariff for room of 15ft X 12ft as we were waiting for the manager (Arpit, contact number: 7650928382).

After a while, Arpit shows up and he tells us that the premium room of 15ft X 12ft is for 3,000 INR excluding food tariff. After talking about all the facts like being aspiring full-time traveller, off season in Chitkul, he came down to 2500 INR which was still very expensive comparing it to Echor.

Arpit said "The Wanderer's Nest" is 3-star property, mind you "3-STAR", but to my shock, all I experienced was uncomfortable stay due to below mentioned reasons:

1. I had just entered the room after all conversation and after a while, the staff member came in with a register in his hand and he said, "Please make required entries and pay for room right now". Imagine hotel staff asking you for money just after few hours of check-in.

2. Super uncomfortable pillows (there were form pillows instead of normal pillows which is provided in even cheapest of the property)

3. Unclean washroom (I even had clicked a picture but I find it so gross to post it here)

4. I had asked for water in washroom as there was no water in taps and the staff gave me super cold water when the weather was already 2 Degree Celsius.

5. The service was extremely poor, extremely slow.

6. The food was super bad (ordered for butter masala, it was nothing but rubber and tasted sweet)

Since I had already made stupid decision to choose this over home-stay and as Chitkul was covered in all snow and I had taken half an hour to reach at property, I was not willing to trek down from property to another property in snow. So, I had to stay here unwillingly. I was extremely unhappy with this stay. I felt choosing home-stay over The Wanderer's Nest would have been better option.

I would request people out there to prefer home-stays over this one as the localities are more friendly. The washrooms are same in both and you will get to have water in bucket only at both the properties. So, my question is why pay more?? Because guess what! The view is exactly same from each and every property at Chitkul.

Please check the pictures for you reference.

Photo of The Wanderer's Nest, Sangla, Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh, India by Sneha
Photo of The Wanderer's Nest, Sangla, Chitkul, Himachal Pradesh, India by Sneha