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So after a month long research and lots of Q&A on various online portals, friends with prior travel experience and numerous embassy calls, I made my trip to Jordan with a few uncertainties. However, I successfully managed to do all that I had set out to and more. Although I felt like there isn't enough information online to quench your curiosity or rather clear you dilemmas before you go so I decided to pen this article to help anyone who might find this information useful.For an Indian traveler, as usual, a visa is always an issue. Well, not necessarily issue per se for everyone, but as you might already know, I HATE PAPERWORK. My ranting about that is fairly consistent. Ok so here go some answers to common questions I came across while doing my research;1) Can Indians get a visa on arrival for Jordan? Kindly explain the standard procedure?Indians can, fortunately, get a visa on arrival in Jordan. It costs 40JD and is fairly easy. Initially, there used to be a mandatory rule of carrying $1000 in cash on the person for obtaining this visa. However, that rule has been waived and now you can enter scott-free. Who carries that kind of cash in this world of plastic and virtual money transfers?! All you need is a return ticket and a hotel booking to get that visa stamp which takes five minutes. So, go worry free.2) What is the currency used there and can I exchange rupees?First of all, the JD i.e Jordanian Dinar is a closed currency. One can only exchange U.S dollars there. They might accept Euros or Pounds in some places but mainly you're better of with U.S dollars. The airport exchanges all these currencies but as you all probably know, airport exchange rates are fairly high. I would suggest for you to go to a normal money exchange center and exchange your dollars. There are many all over Amman. For every $100, you should get around 70-71JD depending on the town and place. Yes, it is on the higher side. Since it is a closed currency, I suggest, you only exchange small amounts as you need or worse case, re-exchange back to dollars on your last day out. Jordanian Dinars won't be accepted anywhere else.

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