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London is a magnificent melting pot and an exemplary showcase art, culture and beautiful urban spaces - both contemporary and historical. England’s largest city is home to some of the world’s most magnetic Gothic architecture, and a prolific arts and theatre culture. A few must visit places in London city are the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge. Head to the Buckingham Palace and catch the "Changing of the Guard" at 11:30am from May until the end of July. Tourists can view the Crown Jewels, and also take a mandatory picture with a guard. Most of London’s museums have free entry, so take it all in from Tate Modern to the City Museum to the National Gallery and the Historical Museum. Make a stop at the Westminster Abbey and revel in the bustling Trafalgar Square that is the heart of London. For something more intimate, take a walk down to the Borough Market that has probably the best food and produce in London. Grab yourself a Cornish pasty or a plateful of the signature fish and chips before you leave London city.
My last day in Ireland was definitely an emotional one. Even then, I decided to cover maximum places I could to make the most of the day. This is the day I understood what the coming days of solo traveling would look like! I walked up to the National Museum of Archaeology, National Gallery of Ireland, Kilmainham Gaol, Irish Museum of Modern Art, Guiness Brewery, and lastly went for shopping at Penneys and at Carrol’s Irish Gifts. I actually got lost that day when I was trying to reach Kilmainham Gaol. And that’s when I plugged in my earphones, started the Rick Steves Audio guide, and listened to Ireland’s history while I walked towards the Gaol (45 minutes walk), which closed down the minute I reached there! ???? I learned a lot about problem-solving, and managing my emotions in times of crisis that day!
Then, we booked accommodation in Liverpool (£30). Moose cafe for breakfast. The best breakfast I had! IT IS SO GOOD. I want to book a ticket to Liverpool just for this! That salted caramel pancakes with poached apples.. £7 if I'm not wrong! Huge portion!
How to get to Bakewell, Peak District: We took Bus 218 from Sheffield Interchange. Bus 218 departs from Sheffield Interchange every hour at half-past the hour and takes about 45 minutes to reach Bakewell.Travel Tip: You might want to check out Chatsworth House, about 3.5 miles from Bakewell, Chatsworth is a beautiful stately home standing on the banks of River Dervent. Home to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, it has passed down through 16 generations of the Cavendish family.If you are doing a day trip, you should try to get to Bakewell by 9 AM as that would give you enough time to explore the national park as well as the town.
Since we had a comfortable overnight journey, today we were all fresh and ready to have an exciting day ahead. Today, we are supposed to go to Oxford city in south east of London. It is a 2 hour train journey from London and we reach Oxford by 10 am. There was a city bus tour here again, but since we had the entire day to spend in Oxford our preferred choice of exploring the place was by walking around. We took a map of the city from the train station and we labeled the route we had to take, it was a circular walk around the city.The buildings in Oxford demonstrate an example of every English architectural period and its known as the "city of dreaming spires", a term coined in reference to the harmonious architecture of Oxford's university buildings. The University of Oxford is the oldest university in the English speaking world. Our walk leads us through the heart of the historic city centre illustrating in itself the history of Oxford and its university and the map in our hand gave us the description of the architecture and traditions of its most famous buildings and institutions. Even though I was not a good student myself or much of a book reader, I felt it was a prolific day spent in Oxford, a city also prominent for its medieval university. Our day ended with some good coffee and we reached back home in London at around 8 in the evening.

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Most of the Cumberbatch-Freeman series is shot in Cardiff . “Steven Moff at, who is the producer of both Sherlock and Doctor Who decided to shoot in Cardiff . All the shots fi lmed indoors at 221 Baker Street are shot at a studio here. Most of the exterior locations are also within 20-30 miles of the studio in Cardiff because it’s just easier for the crew. They travel to London only if they need a very specific location,” says Michael.In the original stories, Mycroft is meant to live on Pall Mall, just opposite the Reform Club. In the BBC series, the exterior of the Diogenes Club is shot at 10 Carlton House Terrace, which used to be the home of the British Prime Minister William Gladstone. For The Blind Banker, the second episode of the BBC series, the makers shot a few scenes in the very touristy Trafalgar Square. “It’s very expensive to close down the Square during the day so these scenes must have been shot very quickly and with a bare-minimum crew. The crowd in the scene would be the regular public. If you look closely at the scene where Cumberbatch and Freeman walk up the stairs of the National Gallery, you can see the faces of members of the public who have recognised the actors.

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