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Hiking in the Czech Republic

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Fondness For The Czech Republic

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Karlovy Vary - The Hidden Gem of Czech Republic - The Complete Guide

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Parichay Mehta
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Cesky Krumlov - Amazingly beautiful, a gem of Czech Republic

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Spindler´s Mill Resort, Krkonoše, Czech Republic

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Roaming in Eastern Europe :Trip to Poland & Czech Republic

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Ameya Karhadkar

This small town of Olomouc in the Moravian state of the Czech Republic is laden with a lot of historical monuments. You travel time absorbing the architectural wonders and history of The Plague Column, The Astronomical Clock, The Town Hall, The Six Fountains, The Church of St Michael, The Church of St Moritz and a few more which date back to the Baroque Period. Some of the other monuments date as far back as the 11th century.Olomouc, which is often regarded as one of the most beautiful towns in the Czech Republic, was off the touristic radar until recently and therefore the feel is still very authentic. Horní Náměstí or the Upper Square is the main square of the town where life appears to be, and is, hassle free, slow and relaxed. You travel back a few decades to experience what Prague would have been like in the early 20th century – very original, not too crowded, depicting a laid back way of life with a very rich architectural legacy.

Started with Berlin with great train ride from Bremen, Germany. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp (Oranienburg, Germany) I took a slow walk reading all the brutal history. Prisoners were tortured, gassed, incinerated and hanged to death here was a difficult sight. Hanging out with a bunch of hostel friends and not napping throughout the night was a good time to live in. Thanks Sakshi for being there in the city. Back in Bremen, where I stayed for the most and studied for my Summer School at Hochschule Bremen. Schoonr, A place where I found some narrow streets that are still the same that were way back at the time of World War II. Walking around there with those thoughts and saying no word was a comfortable thing to do.
From elegant architecture to aromatic cafes, from magnificent palaces to dramatic operas, the city of Vienna portrays royal connection in it's every aspect. 'Wien' as they call in German is a hometown to famous Mozart and Beethoven.Though my short stint with the city was not enough to explore the musically and artistically pleasing capital of Austria, I really wanted to make best of it to see as much as I could.In Vienna, I ditched the expensive hotel rooms and choose to stay at Airbnb home-stays. It was homely, cozy and really cheap. Located in the heart of the city here's a glance of my room.
All buses drop you off at the Dresden hauptbahnhof (main station). A short tram ride took us to the old town center.
The first time I went to Bratislava, I didn’t have high expectations. After four days spent in this city - I had to admit - I was so pleasantly surprised that I couldn’t believe it! Bratislava is a gorgeous city, small and quiet but, at the same time, colorful and full of surprises. It has a very nice Old Town and a lot of historical places to visit, but also everything you need for your social activities. Well, you will see with your own eyes! :) Anyway, during your first visit to Bratislava there are 5 things to do that, in my opinion, will let your stay be more interesting.A visit to the Blue Church This teeny-tiny church is one of the most impressive things you will see in Bratislava. Officially named St. Elizabeth Church, like from a fairy tale it is completely blue: the facade, the mosaics, the majolicas, the interior, even the roof is tiled with blue-glazed ceramics. The church is an art nouveau building, built in the early 20th century, and it’s situated in a very nice area, in the eastern part of the Old Town of Bratislava. You absolutely have to visit the Blue Church, and don’t forget your camera: you will need it! :)
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