About Galle

It took us about 4.5 hours to reach Galle and the bus journey was anything but pleasant (thanks to our crazy driver!). Luckily, the driver changed near Bentota and the journey got much much better! The sea breeze was soothing and the landscape was beautiful. We saw (ok, I saw coz the other two were sound asleep by now) many turtle hatcheries near Bentota. Sadly, that would have to stay till the next trip. We passed through Hikkaduwa where we were to stay for the night. Once at Galle, we looked around for a place to have lunch.Sadly most places were non-veg and the only veg option we could find were buns. You’ll never go hungry in Sri Lanka as buns will come to your rescue wherever you go. And they are fresh. And dirt cheap. A common practice is that the restaurant brings a huge tray with many variants – plain bun, fish stuffed rolls, egg, chicken etc. You can pick and eat whatever you want and pay for what you ate while they take back the rest. Once our hunger was sated, we headed to the railway station to see how long we could roam around in Galle. We had close to 2 hours. We walked around to the iconic Galle fort (which most cricket lovers would have seen as it is right opposite the international cricket stadium). Just a week back, there was an Australia-Sri Lanka match being played here. Right now there was some other local match going on.

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