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Did you know that up to the year 2012 the Guinness World Records title of the "Greatest Fireworks Show in the World" was held by a small town on a small Portuguese Island called Madeira? This extremely beautiful European island, called by some "the Hawaii of Europe" is located in the same time zone as the UK- about 1000 km from the coast of Europe and only about 520 km from Africa.The New Year firework show is a big event and each year brings many tourists looking for an escape from the cold weather and a wonderful fireworks show. Although not officially the biggest anymore, the show is still breathtaking. Funchal is located in a bay and surrounded by hills - fireworks are shot simultaneously from multiple stations across the entire bay, both on the hills as offshore, which is probably what makes this show so special. Multiple cruise ships line up next to the Port of Funchal to watch the amazing spectacle.I always recommend visiting Madeira in December- arriving before Christmas and staying until after the NYE. The weather in that period is still very pleasant, mountain hikes are still possible, the city is beautifully decorated and full of nativity scenes and food stands. I do recommend booking your cruise or flights in advance, as that time of the year is really popular.

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