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I remember when I first arrived in Shillong, and made my way towards Cherapunji (also known as Sohra) I was left baffled at the kind of beauty Meghalaya offered. Its undulating landscape has been a constant source of inspiration. But its not just the natural beauty that makes Meghalaya a favorable destination to travel, but a few other, more particular distinctions do. Considered as one of the wettest regions in world, around 70 per cent of Meghalaya is still covered in dense forests. It is in Meghalaya where it rains the most than in any other place in the world. What makes Meghalaya even more favorable as a place for tourists is the kind of societal hierarchy it follows. In a country that is often regarded as male dominating, Meghalaya is the only rarity where people still follow a Matrilineal way of living — based on kinship with the mother or the female line, in other words, a society where women rule. Well, Meghalaya has its own way of surprising people.

Best Time To Visit Meghalaya

Best time to visit Meghalaya is from October to May

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