A country with no cobbler: Bhutan

Photo of A country with no cobbler: Bhutan 1/1 by Shradha Singh
A country with no cobbler!

A country with no cobbler!

You will get to see some amazingly designed shoes in Bhutan as you walk along the street market but they are not made in Bhutan !

Do you know that there is no cobbler in Bhutan! Yes, really!

If you have to mend your shoes, you have to line up to visit a cobbler on the border of the highway which connects Bhutan with India.

There is a small village called 'Darrang' in Assam. There are cobblers from this village, they take the work permit and work as cobblers here!

In Bhutan, the employment mantra is the dignity of labour, there are no Bhutanese cobblers. The small Pemagatshel town in the east received its first cobbler from India in 2009.

Bhutan is an amazing country with some interesting social dynamics!