16th Sep 2017
Photo of Bedni Bugyal Trail, Chamoli, Uttarakhand, India by Gayathri Sivakumar

In a world dependent on technology, she is "Out of coverage";

In a world that is filled with bittersweet, she is mildew;

In a world operated by schedules and deadlines, she is static magnificence;

In a world full of noise; she is the deep silence you have been yearning for;

In a world of fear and speculations, she is a mentor that makes you push harder;

In a world full of impairment, she is a breath of fresh air;

In a world full of grey, she is a palette of hues and tints;

When you feel your world is enclosed inside four walls; she will be your liberation :)

Being my first High Altitude trek (Roopkund, Uttarakhand), I was filled up with anxiety, apprehensions and what not. To be fair and honest, I decided to do this trek, to get out of a major depression. One can realize during such treks that your mind is more powerful than your body, and will push you harder and further. 

Observing the reverberating noises of the winds interspersed with the bell sounds of the mules, I lay in my tent thinking that, why be depressed over materialistic pleasures, failed relationships, limited financial resources, when Mother Himalayas has this much to offer, unadulterated :) Thank you, and I will be coming for more :)