Chasing it or finding it.. A travellers dream!

1st Sep 2016

So it’s been a while since I put up my last blog post.. Most of you must be thinking I have gone AWOL (pardon my urban dictionary language).. What actually happened is I have this amazing bigamy with a corporate 9 to 9 job (well it’s India you see) and travel. Having said that I have to confess that I failed miserably at throwing my bow lines away and sailing away from the safe harbour like the other successful non-corporate job holders are doing. I need to make money to travel and to make that money I need to work and once again I fall into this vicious cycle of I am doing something that I am possibly good at so I can do something I can possibly enjoy.

How are all you travellers doing this? How are you chasing this dream of yours? How are you finding the means to the end?

While all things said, I did manage to squeeze in some cute little weekend vacations here and there. Be it trespassing into the strawberry fields in Panchgani to enjoying the beautiful sunset in Goa, there were many little vacations you can take in India. Enjoying all that nature has to offer by trekking through a jungle to enjoying some of the French finest in Pondicherry, it is still possible to keep the dream alive no matter where you are. Cause as they always say this is your choice and your dream and it’s time to make it happen by hook or crook. More detailed blog posts about each of these little adventures will follow soon, meanwhile enjoy these pictures!

Photo of Chasing it or finding it.. A travellers dream! 1/1 by Sai Pragna
Day 2
Photo of India by Sai Pragna
Photo of India by Sai Pragna
Photo of India by Sai Pragna