HIMACHAL PRADESH 8 Days & 7 Nights (15000/- per head from Delhi)

15th Oct 2016
Photo of HIMACHAL PRADESH 8 Days & 7 Nights (15000/- per head from Delhi) by Arijit Deb

Places covered- Shimla, Kufri, kullu, Manali, Rohtang Pass, Mani Karan, kasol

Day 1

New Delhi Day 1

After arriving on Delhi airport I had two options, either to board a hotel till 8:30 or to travel around till that time as my bus for shimla will be leaving from Kashmiri gate, New Delhi at around 9 pm...

I have decided to enjoy the capital city and the historical places....

Covered Humayun tomb, lal kela, India gate, parliament, 7RCR and some more...

It was around 8 pm when I reached Kashmiri gate and waited for my bus for shimla...

Day 2

The next day at morning around 5:00 am the bus reached shimla, the roads were stiff and curvy, the hills and the scenery of house around the hill makes it look as if the hills been decorated with LED bulbs all around... It was beautiful...

It was freezing cold and I quickly wrapped up myself in the winter attire. As I was getting down from the bus the taxi drivers were busy in making me feel how far and how dangerous this area and roads are.... but thanks to technology I already sort out my way from the bus stand to the hotel and its just 1.5km. Seemed easy task but it wasn't as the roads were stiff and I had a backpack on my back. But the people moving up with sack of onions, cylinders gave me the courage that I can also do that. Took help from the passers by to locate the hotel.

I reached my hotel (Hotel Mahajan) which was right above the Ridge at around 6:00 am... The hotel boy was from Kashmir and he helped me a lot in my days in shimla... He helped me getting a room though my check in time was 12 pm...

After getting into room I slept for the whole day... 1.5 km sounds easy but when the roads are stiff and making an angle of 70 degree with the ground, 1.5 km seems 5 km...



I woke up around 2 pm, couldn't take shower as it was pretty cold, 4' to be precise.... Had lunch from the hotel itself and at around 4 pm head out to explore Shimla...

On my first spot came The Ridge and the Mahatma Gandhi Statue.

The view from the The Ridge was spectacular, and there were some events going on by the kids...

On further walking down begins the Mall road... Its actually the shopping hub of Shimla, variety of winter clothing shops and restaurants filled up that lane... and its splendid to walk around...

There I had some fruits that I never saw in other parts of the country...

On way back to hotel at around 8pm I stood by The Ridge and treat my eyes the beautiful hills with small huts (with lights on) covered all around the hills....


Well a bachelors travel diary it is, nothing much to hope only peaceful sleep...

Day 3

Woke up early at around 7 and after my breakfast head out for Kufri.... On our way to Kufri there were very beautiful sightseeing on both sides of the roads, you just can't take off your eyes...

Finally the cab dropped me in the last point from where one have to take a horse ride to reach the Kufri snow point... To my bad luck it wasn't snowing...

There were a line of activities on the hill top which can enjoy, like photoshoot on yak, gun shot, zip line, apple garden (to see apple you need to go during September)...

From Kufri we went to a zoo which was nothing but a time waste as only 4-5 animals were present inside and hardly these can be noticed... They claim about snow leopard but nothing was inside not even a tiger... By evening I was back to my hotel and went to ridge again, followed by a church and a temple....

The night was cold and I had a nice sleep...


Day 4

Waking up early in the morning in this freezing cold is a very tough task. Though the enthusiasm of travelling to a new place got me up at the correct time.

The boy at hotel helped me in booking a shared cab for my trip towards Manali. After breakfast I head towards my next destination.

En route there were beautiful serene beauty of mother nature, surrounded by lush green hills and flowing crystal clear Beas River. The beauty beholds in the eye of an observer. The journey was mesmerizing and thanks to our Driver uncle Mr. Satish. He was very knowledgeable about the place and being born in Himachal he knows the history in depth.

The cab was full of people and we really had a great time. In a span of short time we rally became good friends. While passing kullu we stopped at many beautiful places enjoyed the beautiful nature and fell in love with it.

We did some of activities like para sailing, me and 3 other guys did rafting in Beas river at Kullu. Many Touristic spots, film shooting places when you pass by it takes you back to the movie when you first watched it and your life during those times. There were many such moments clouding my mind as we were passing through some of the best Bollywood shooting spots.

It was almost 8 pm when we reached Manali. Checked into hotel that I booked online at a very cheap price but turned out to be an really beautiful hotel. Crashed into bed and slept right away.

For Pics Click here

Day 5

It was a very beautiful Cold morning in Manali. After a delightful breakfast we head out for local sightseeing in Manali. We went to Hidimba Devi temple, a small recreation park, a fruit market from where we had tasted and bought really juicy fruits at very cheap rates and finally in mall road where I did some shopping for my homies.

The day went really good and I made quite a good connection with the people with whom we were travelling together in the shared Sumo. At the Dusk I returned to my hotel and got fresh. Went out for dinner as its Cold and shops gets closed very early. Also I did a walkthrough the place across the lanes which ends at some point and take another turn which eventually leads to another locality. Curiosity never ends for me.

After a light dinner went back to hotel and slept off for the exciting Rohtang Trip the next day

Day 6

Rohtang Pass Day 6

The mighty Mountains of the Rohtang gives you a feeling of stubbornness and the power. They have seen the every change of the environment and how the life form has evolved, these mountains stands by the only witness of the mystic nature and its creatures. They have turned deadly for many passers by. From invaders to adventurer to the spy's whoever tried to cross those mountains or challenge the god of mountains has only faced the wrath of it.

Rohtang simply means "Pile of Corpses". As you look up to the mountains you will realize the power and the fire within. There pass the river Indus which is frozen now. You can walk through the narrow streamline. The snow melts on the Mountains and they form a stream which comes down through and run across.

We did some photo-shoots and after a lot of fun we decided to come down from 13000.ft to Manali. En-route we had some lunch and heard about the stories of Rohtang and these places that will eventually get all covered with no excess of vehicle from coming week.

Pics- www.instagram.com/throttletravel/

Day 7

The Roads weren't that good, vehicles were coming from both ends and its a narrow road broken into pieces. Some heavy rocks can be seen which is a an indication of a recent small landslide. Through the journey I experienced the life of the people living on Hills. Looks fascinating for me as I am coming from an paralyzed society where people order their veggies online.

Manikaran relies on a Hindu mythic story dating back millions of years ago. The river that flows through a temple has a very special thing and cannot be seen like this ever in this world. The hot spring evolves out of the water only from the place where the river crosses the temple. Now, hot spring isn't something only Manikaran is experienced but the Hot spring in Manikaran is free from Arsenic and any other harmful toxic. Till the day I am writing this blog, scientist and archaeologist have no answer to this spell of nature and the mythic story that circulates the Manikaran seems like true. Keeping it a secret for the curiosity, do visit Manikaran to get the real mythological story behind the hot spring of the water which is cold as ice throughout and only reaches a boiling temperature as it passes through the temple.

From the authority of the temple there is a special place to take bath in the holy hot spring water. We took the bath and had our lunch in the nearby 'Gurudwara' which they call 'langar'. Took some rest and explored the temple and went through the mythic facts and stories about the place before we decided to leave for the day.

Back to Delhi

After a the day coming to an end I finally bid goodbye to our driver uncle. He is really informative and know the place very well. he is highly educated and passion for travelling and a little unlucky fate brought him down to this profession but he love his job and his passengers. I flourished my knowledge on many things while talking with him throughout the journey.

It was my time to say goodbye to Himachal for this time till I return again. My bus from Manali at 6pm will be dropping me in Delhi at 7am in the morning. The bus journey was comfortable and I manged to sleep the entire trip.

Day 8

Back to the paralyzed lifestyle till I pack my bags again.

Pics- www.instagram.com/throttletravel/

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