How To Pack Your Backpack?

Photo of Ladakh Vacation, Leh by Umang Dave (IG: @umangdavevisual)

Hello people…

I am back from my Manali trip and trust me; it was a hell lot of an experience. Those ten days of wilderness in mountains were the most amazing days of my life. Well, each journey teaches some important lessons. What I’ve learnt specially during this trip is “How to pack the backpack like a pro in very simple steps”. A backpack is like an external part of a traveler’s body. It is certainly a helping hand in need. My backpacker friends may very well understand its importance. But this same friend can become the reason for all your trouble if you don’t use it in an organized way. Many of the time it is irritating and frustrating to carry the backpack if you don’t pack it properly. It can even cause injury and turn your trip worst experience ever.

So it is necessary to know how to do your packing in a systematic way.

Well, It is not a rocket science, just follow these few simple steps and utilize the space in your backpack in the most efficient way.

1. Choose the right bag

Choose a backpack depending on the number of days in your trip. Size and capacity of a backpack are measured in liters. The average capacity for a day trip backpack is 25 to 40 liters, and for five to six days trip the average size of the backpack is 65 to 90 liters. Always choose the backpack of a good brand so that it can be useful for a longer period. Instead of standard school bag type backpack try finding proper hiking rucksacks. Look for the ones which are specially made to carry weight while you are on your trip or on a hike. The internal frames, rods, height adjustable stripes, capacity etc. matters a lot. You can find the best deals on flipkart, snapdeal etc.

2. Place all the things which you think might be needed

Take a big table space or bed and then place all the items you need during the trip. Choose only the essential items you need. Start asking yourself if you really need it and if it is the right stuff for your trip. Prepare a list and pack accordingly. The list depends on what type of tour you are planning to go. Extra clothes, cap, Flip-flop or sandals, water bottle, mug, socks, handkerchiefs, sun glasses, paper soaps, shampoo sachets, sun creams etc are the common things required during the trip.

3. Categorize the stuff

Once you are done selecting the necessary things, categorize it according the weight, requirement, prefference etc.

4. Allocate right item at right place

Everything depends on the way you allocate the place and compartments of the backpack. This is probably the trickiest part.

Put the things which are of least use and light in weight at the bottom part. Manage to put the heavy items at the middle part of the backpack. That will help in easily carrying the bag with help of the cushioned pads of the backpack. Then surround these items with other medium weight things.

It is very important to balance the weight on the both side of the backpack.

5. Keep the essential items on the outer side pockets or easily reachable compartment.

Smartly utilize the multiple outer pockets of the backpack to keep the things which are of regular use.

Few Tips –

Lift the pack onto your body and tighten the straps to a comfortable position. Walk around to see if it is comfortable when you carry the pack.

Adjust the height of the bags according your body.

Try to fill up every possible empty space.

Carry a rain cover and keep it easily accessible.

Duct tape and safety pins are magic for quick and temporary repairs.

I hope these simple steps will be useful to you on your next adventure. Kindly share any other ideas to pack like a pro. Thank you!