Humans of Andaman & Nicobar Island 🇮🇳

19th May 2020
Photo of Humans of Andaman & Nicobar Island 🇮🇳 by Ankur Chugh
Day 1

Humans of Andaman 💓

Andaman & Nicobar Island 🇮🇳

July 2019

Well after a long time and deliberate attempt to witness Andaman at the end finally paid off . So practically I have felt the tempatation of Arabian sea through Lakshadweep and then some 5 odd frills of Andaman sea in Thailand . Though these multiple visits at the sea shore could satisfy my selfish beach person ego but then Andaman was there on the cards and it has to be done someday .

So the Day is here !

Though I may have my own reasons to love Thailand more than Lakshadweep and Andaman and probably the 6th visit to ( Koh Tao ) Thailand would be somewhere in this month but then at the end it is the people and culture which makes the maximum difference .

I generally don't see and think about season timings and may be less tourists , low cost and easy availability just complement hard with me that I need to travel off season most of the times . People say it's the monsoon time and no one should visit such places but then they have no idea that I am the 🦚 who love rains .

So people who have not been to Andaman & Nicobar or Lakshadweep should keep this in mind that these are expensive islands and your pocket would burn a big time . Second , People can only visit Andaman not Nicobar . Nicobar island is not open for tourist infact without approval not even Andamaneese can go there .

I took direct flight from Delhi to Port Blair ( 3.2 Hrs ) and Netflix movies took good care of my turbulence anxiety and I guess it was a good way to divert my fear and luckily all went well .

As soon as you land Port Blair you would realise that there is no internet connectivity . Don't get duped with Airtel 4G signals , may be it is just Airtel Thanksgiving gimmick . Second thing was everyone was speaking in Hindi Language .

Unlike all other states it was very unusual to see people from different regions lives here and all were speaking Hindi in fluency . This unusual site was that unsual that I could see some hundred dialects within Hindi language . I enquired that from nearby people multiple times and they told me that Andaman is a mini India and Hindi is like a official language . Now I could relate people from Bengal , Kerala , Chennai , Hyderabad and North India all lives here and they speak Hindi with traces of their regional dialect .

I wanted to check something on mobile and then I could realise how is the life without internet . From last 3 days I couldn't have iota of internet with me and I could see how big this day is .

I don't know whether it is blessings or curse that you are so much detached with outside world . The day starts early with sunrise at 4.30 AM and I could see at 7 PM it was like a deserted place . In last 3 days I was sleeping near 8 PM and that made me closer to understand how much time my mobile and internet occupies in a day .

I was not that excited to see beaches but more of understanding the tribes of these island . I tried to know story of Sentinelese tribes which are endangered species and how the American got killed and they all have same answers that they have not seen them and it is restricted to go there . I asked them to show me the island from boat but then they all know that any ⛵ which takes any tourist to that island would find their life in jail . Only government authority goes there in proximity and throw fruits and 🥥 and they would come and pick them up . Any point closer then their heart would get slice in two by the Sentinelese tribes .

I could know about story that how this early age aadivassi men from another tribe started getting mingled with locals and understood Hindi language . Their love for Pan and Gutka is evident that Ajay Devgan advertisement of Vimal Gutka is definitely getting first time customers . I don't know I need to curse this Singham celebrity for this but then it is restoring the livelihood by getting in touch with society through Administration .

Crime rate is low than all others places but night life is definitely a big time miss .

People thrive on Government jobs and same is with Lakshadweep island . People are so much into dying to get government job that they don't wish to do anything else .

Island has well equipped ferries to nearby islands but the frequency is low . I so much wish that it will go at higher pace in future .

Beer at resorts is hell expensive and scuba diving is a known sport here .

Nicobaris are developed tribes ,as per Andamaneese , but since they comes under ST they get preferred treatment in government jobs which is a common complain by Andamaneese and I couldn't do anything in this .

Cellular Jail in Port Blair tells us about the supreme Architecture and the harshness people had to face pre Independence .

Many times I see people from West watching the videos ( In National Heritage or similar ) of the cruelty their forefathers have given to us . I know history cannot be corrected but then I am sure they could look into the fellow Indians eyes with gratitude and say sorry on their forefathers behalf .

Sometimes a sorry heals bigger wounds quickly .

Go there because Andaman is 💓

Photo of Port Blair by Ankur Chugh